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Deputy Director of the Center for Perinatology and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, Almaty

“On average, we have 8.5 thousand births annually, with about 900 children born premature, 100 with a critically low body weight of 500 grams. All of them require special care. The equipment that we received from AYALA Foundation in April - 5 resuscitation stands, 2 incubators - became a very good help in our work. The equipment in our center does not stand idle. It helps care for premature babies. They may remain in incubators from 6 days to 2-3 months. Resuscitative equipment helps reducing neurological manifestations. They leave the intensive care unit with more favorable developmental prognoses. We are glad that the consolidated Power of Care of the medical staff of our center, major sponsors such as Halyk Bank allows us saving even more newborn babies in Kazakhstan.”

Resuscitator at the Neonatal Resuscitation and Intensive Care Unit of the Regional Perinatal Center in Semey

“In the beginning of 2021, thanks to AYALA Foundation, we were provided with a therapeutic hypothermia equipment complex. It allows provide controlled hypothermia for newborn children born with signs of hypoxic -ischemic encephalopathy as a result of severe and moderate asphyxia. This device helps save lives, health and intelligence of such children. Our intensive care unit has a capacity for 12 beds. We accept patients from Semey and nearby areas - Ayagoz , Kalbatau , Urjar. Before we were provided this device, we carried out hypothermia for children using materials at hand: we cooled them with cold water in bags or gloves. But this method did not allow us to make point temperature effects. Mechanical hypothermia allows the newborn to be cooled and then warmed gradually. Together with an electroencephalography device, it allows us to choose the right treatment or adjust it in the process, since we see how the child’s brain reacts to our medical manipulations. In general, this helps reduce mortality and reduce the rate of disability in newborns with hypoxic -ischemic encephalopathy. Thank you very much to the Foundation for this."

Head of the Neonatal Service of the Regional Hospital in Karaganda

“We accept women from a high risk group, including those with severe extragenital pathology at the decompensation stage. Every year, about 5.5 thousand children are born in our center, including children with severe intrauterine hypoxia and asphyxia during childbirth. These are conditions in which the central nervous system is significantly affected and damaged. We are very lucky that we received a gift from AYALA Foundation and Samruk-Kazyna Trust Social Projects Development Foundation hypothermia hardware complex – Blanketrol III and amplitude electroencephalography monitor. We really needed these devices. They protect the newborn's brain from hypoxic damage. Before installing this device, we carried out hypothermia using improvised methods such as medical gloves with cold water. Many thanks to the foundation for such great assistance to our center in treating and saving our children.”

Deputy Director for Pediatrics, Center for Perinatology and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, Almaty

The phototherapy lamps the Center for Perinatology and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery received from AYALA Foundation help improving the quality of medical services and nursing of newborns, especially children with low and extremely low body weight. They also allow for non-invasive treatment of icteric syndrome of various etiologies in newborns, which improves the prognosis during nursing and minimizes complications. Our center thanks AYALA Foundation for its help and for providing all possible support in providing medical care to children. We plan to continue cooperation with the Foundation in projects aimed at improving the health of mothers and children.

Head of The Intensive Care Unit at the Children's Hospital, Aktobe Medical Center

“The children's hospital of the Aktobe Medical Center provides surgical and cardiac surgery care to newborns from all over the region. In 2020, AYALA Charity Foundation donated equipment for caring for newborns: an incubator and a phototherapy apparatus. An incubator for newborns is designed to care for premature babies; it creates optimal temperature and humidity conditions for the baby. Humidified oxygen can also be supplied there for oxygen therapy; it is possible to weigh the premature baby to determine weight gain. A phototherapy device is necessary for children with neonatal jaundice to reduce the level of toxic bilirubin. Too high levels of toxic bilirubin in the blood can cause irreversible damage to the newborn's brain, including developmental delays, athetoid cerebral palsy, partial or complete paralysis, seizures, hearing problems, and even complete hearing loss. We are grateful to AYALA Charity Foundation for this help!”

Director of the Regional Perinatal Center, Atyrau

“Hypothermia is a method of cooling an oxygen-deprived newborn to support brain cells that have not been damaged by hypoxia. Hypoxia causes brain cell death. Hypothermia keeps brain cells healthy. The hardware system helps us monitor brain functions and regulate the level of cooling of the newborn. Before receiving this hardware complex, we cooled newborns and measured their temperature manually. Over the past 3 years, we have provided it to 48 newborns, including 13 children in 2019. Of them, 6 children went through rehabilitation centers with positive results, and 7 children did not have any neurological abnormalities. We really need the hardware complex that we received from AYALA Charity Foundation, and we thank the Foundation and the sponsors for it. In turn, we will do everything in our power to provide newborns with hypoxia with appropriate medical care.

Chief Physician of Regional Perinatal Center No. 3 in Turkestan

“I know about the “Breathe, Baby” project for a long time. My colleagues, directors of perinatal centers and heads of pediatric intensive care units, note that the equipment they received from AYALA Foundation helps save babies’ lives and provide high-tech care to children born prematurely. It’s very nice that the help of AYALA Foundation came to Turkestan.”

Chief Physician of the City Children's Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases, Almaty

“Our hospital provides care to children with various infectious diseases not only in Almaty, but also in nearby settlements. We cooperate with AYALA Charity Foundation for many years, and we see that it strives to make charitable assistance as effective as possible. Many thanks to all the sponsors who participate in the foundation’s projects.”

Head of the Intensive Care Unit of the City Children's Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases, Almaty

“AYALA Foundation’s “Breathe in Life” project, implemented at the hospital, helped medical workers reduce the infant mortality rate by 4 times. The intensive care unit is of great importance in any hospital, because this is where patients with the most severe health disorders are concentrated. The life of a child depends on the professionalism of doctors and nurses, and the medical equipment that AYALA donates to the intensive care unit significantly increases the patients’ chances of life.”

Head of the Department of Neonatology, Almaty Regional Children's Clinical Hospital

“Now there are four resuscitation tables in the department. Our department has 20 beds. AYALA Charity Foundation has already given us two tables, they had two more of their own, but one was out of order. Now there are four of them again, the new one was installed immediately after the New Year, we are already using it. Our intensive care tables practically do not stand idle. There were 271 premature babies in the hospital, the total number of newborns in 2017 was 467. A year earlier, the birth rate of premature babies was at the same level.”

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