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Orthopedist, University Clinic No. 1 (formerly Aksai Children's Hospital in Almaty)

“In the Department of Orthopedics of Pusan National University Hospital, where we practiced for 2 weeks in August 2019 together with my colleague Makpal Surashova, we saw numerous and various operations on the musculoskeletal system: on the spine, on the hip joint, micro-surgeries on the lower extremities, muscle transplants. Scrupulous, verbatim and understandable explanations by Professor Jung Sub Lee, the Head of the Spine Center and the Head of the Orthopedics Department of the Pusan National University Hospital, really helped us grasp new knowledge. Many operations are carried out here in Kazakhstan, too. That two-week practice will help us take them to an absolutely new level through introduction of state-of-the-art techniques that we learned at Pusan National University Hospital. And I want to express my gratitude to AYALA Foundation for this opportunity.”

Neonatologist at Maternity Hospital No. 4, Almaty

“We received a newsletter that AYALA Foundation, with the support of Chevron company, conducted online courses on respiratory support for newborns with participation of practicing doctors from Russia. I work with breathing equipment all the time, mainly to support premature babies or children with congenital pneumonia. At AYALA online academy, I can gain new knowledge, improve my skills, share experiences and apply the acquired knowledge in practice. We can ask questions to the lecturer, get feedback from him, receive a presentation with information to which we have constant access. This is a very convenient platform for advanced training.”

Neonatologist, the Head of the Neonatal Service of Zhambyl Regional Policlinic Hospital

“During the pandemic, we all switched to online learning format. Therefore I was interested in the offer to teach a course on AYALA Online Academy platform. I believe that we will be able to share the practical knowledge in the field of evidence-based medicine that our service has with other Kazakhstani doctors. My training materials are aimed at providing assistance to premature babies immediately in the delivery room using the LIZA method. Our service was one of the first in Kazakhstan to use it actively and successfully. Therefore, I am happy to share this experience with my colleagues to help them implement this technique.”

Deputy Chief Physician, City Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases named after. Zhekenov, Almaty

“I thank AYALA Foundation for its charitable assistance in form of 10 multifunctional resuscitation beds. This equipment is much needed in our hospital, because the situation with coronavirus infection in Almaty and in the world is very serious. The main complication is pneumonia, with which, in particularly difficult cases, patients can be placed directly to the intensive care unit. The beds will help us provide them with all the necessary resuscitation care. Many thanks to the Foundation for this."

Head of the Intensive Care Unit, City Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases named after. Zhekenov , Almaty

“We received new Lined intensive care beds. They are very comfortable. We will immediately place the patients of the department on them, many thanks to AYALA Foundation for this help!”

Deputy Director for Medical Affairs, City Children’s Policlinic Hospital No. 3, Nur -Sultan

“On behalf of all the employees of our hospital, I want to thank the team of AYALA Charity Foundation for providing our doctors with food, personal hygiene items and household appliances during the quarantine period. In these difficult days, their help is very important and we need it. I wish you good health and success in your work!”

Director of Semey Emergency Hospital, the Municipal State Enterprise

“We thank AYALA Foundation for 28 pulse oximeters donated to us. We need them in the process of treatment of a patient, as they help monitor the patient’s health status. We thank the sponsor iMAS GROUP LLP that came to help us and resolved the issue of providing our hospital with pulse oximeters. On June 9 this year, 270 provisional beds and 30 infectious disease beds were deployed at this medical institution for patients with suspected Covid-19. The peak of patients flow to the Semey Emergency Hospital was from July 9 to July 23, when up to 60 patients were admitted to the hospital per day.”

Head of the Perinatology Center of Karaganda Regional Hospital

For our staff, hypothermia equipment is an immense relief in their work. Previously, this process was very labor-intensive. We did everything manually: we cooled water, monitored the temperature to maintain it within the necessary range. Now everything is automated. For our young patients, especially for those who have suffered a moderate condition due to asphyxia, the therapeutic hypothermia has very favorable effect. Children who have experienced severe asphyxia suffer damage to the central nervous system. But thanks to automatic hypothermia, we minimize neurological manifestations and give babies a chance to live a full and healthy life.

Director of the Perinatal Center of Almaty region

Our main goal is to help every family have healthy children. Therefore, we direct our medical work to ensure that all births within the walls of the center were safe, and all children are born healthy. We thank AYALA Foundation and all Kazakhstani people who helped to purchase the equipment for our intensive care unit. Modern medical technologies will help our specialists provide high-quality care to newborns and to reduce perinatal losses and the risk of disability from childhood.

Chief Physician of the Regional Hospital of Kostanay

Our perinatal center annually delivers about 6,000 births from all over the region. We welcome all newborn babies as the most long-awaited, and are ready to provide them and their mothers with all the necessary medical care. Of course, we pay special attention to caring for babies with critically low body weight. Our intensive care unit has a capacity for 10 places; about 600 children pass through it every year. Intensive care incubators are the main assistant to our doctors, indispensable in saving premature babies. Neonatal pulse oximeters allow to determine accurately and quickly the level of oxygen saturation in the blood, which directly affects the safety of the central nervous system of newborns. We are very pleased to receive a set of modern reliable equipment and thank AYALA Foundation and the BAYER company for this.

Director of the Regional Perinatal Center of Aktau

The problem of infant mortality is still relevant in our region. Therefore we are always happy to receive help to equip pediatric intensive care units with advanced medical equipment. We thank AYALA Foundation for its assistance donated to our center in form of 4 units of modern resuscitation equipment. These devices will be used by our doctors for the rescue, recovery and treatment of newborns. We express our sincere gratitude to ExxonMobil for such important and necessary support of our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and for supporting the health of children!

Chief Physician of Zhambyl Regional Policlinic Hospital

We contacted AYALA Charity Foundation with our problem and are very grateful to Halyk Bank for their prompt and much-needed assistance to our hospital. We did not have budgetary resources to purchase a hypothermia equipment complex. Every year, doctors nursed about 30 newborns with birth asphyxia in the intensive care unit of the Perinatal Center. In this case, mechanical hypothermia was used - manually, for tens of hours, each infant was cooled with bags of cold water. We also did not have an amplitude electroencephalography device to constantly monitor the child’s brain performance and promptly adjust therapy. All this significantly complicated our resuscitation efforts. Now, thanks to the modern hypothermia equipment, the survival rates and, most importantly, the functional health of newborns in our region will increase significantly. We will be able to save more children's lives - this greatly inspires all the hospital doctors in our difficult work.

Director of the Perinatal Center of Zhetysu region

We express our deep gratitude to Samruk-Kazyna Trust Foundation and AYALA Charity Foundation for equipping the intensive care unit with new equipment. Every day we work to ensure that all babies are delivered safely within the walls of the center and that they were healthy. For several years we dreamed of a hypothermia machine and an EEG monitor. Our doctors know how to operate this equipment and care for children with hypoxic-ischemic brain damage. Every year we take care of about 250 such children using materials at hand. Now our specialists will be assisted by modern medical devices. I am confident that this will reduce infant mortality rates in our region and the risk of childhood disability in children with birth asphyxia.

Director of the Regional Perinatal Center of Aktau

The issue of reducing child mortality is relevant for Mangystau region. Medical equipment will help our doctors in saving, treating and healing newborns. We thank Samruk-Kazyna Trust Foundation and Ayala for the hypothermia apparatus and amplitude electroencephalography monitor.

Director of the Mother and Child Center, Ust-Kamenogorsk

The issue of reducing child mortality is relevant for Kazakhstan and East Kazakhstan region. Medical equipment will help our doctors in saving, treating and healing newborns. We thank Samruk-Kazyna Trust Foundation and AYALA for the hypothermia machine and for the amplitude electroencephalography monitor.

Acting Director of the City Perinatal Center of Shymkent

We are extremely happy that Samruk Kazyna Trust Foundation and AYALA Charity Foundation responded to our request for help. Thanks to the newly installed equipment, we were able to save the life of a child born with severe asphyxia. This is the best proof of the fact that this equipment is essential. I am sure that future mothers of the city of Shymkent will join our words of deep gratitude to the sponsor for this valuable gift.

Director of the Regional Perinatal Center of West Kazakhstan region

For all expectant mothers and fathers of West Kazakhstan region, the appearance of such modern medical equipment is certainly great news. The issue of reducing child mortality and disability is highly relevant for our region. I am sure that this equipment will be an excellent assistance to our doctors in saving, treating and improving the health of newborns. We thank Samruk-Kazyna Trust and AYALA foundations for the hypothermia device and the amplitude electroencephalography monitor.

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Ophthalmologist, Research Institute of Eye Diseases of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Just a few years ago, everything that we now have: ultra-modern binocular ophthalmoscopes, laser systems for virtually the only method of treating blindness in children, a clinical protocol for the treatment of retinopathy through the injection of Lucentis - was an unattainable dream for us. Today we have the opportunity to help premature babies see the world in bright colors and give their families joy and happiness. We thank Aidan Suleimenova for giving us these outstanding opportunities to provide high-quality ophthalmological care to children, in whom many specialists did not believe.

Chairman of the Congress of Neonatologists of Kazakhstan

Today, from the standpoint of global evidence-based medicine, only therapeutic hypothermia provides a reliable method of neuroprotection in children born with severe hypoxia during labor. Despite significant scientific progress in the pharmaceutical industry, there are still no drugs that can protect the brain of newborns from irreversible damage as a result of hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy. In addition, a hypothermia device together with an amplitude electroencephalography monitor relieves the enormous burden on nurses and doctors working in intensive care units who are required to monitor and maintain the same body temperature of a child tens of hours straight. Neonatologists of Kazakhstan thank AYALA Charity Foundation and Aidan Suleimenova for their great assistance in maintaining functional health of newborns.

Director of Atyrau City Maternity Hospital

Our maternity hospital belongs to the II level of medical care for the population of the city of Atyrau. All women with difficult cases who live in the city are referred to us. For quick and high-quality care, our Neonatal Pathology Department was in desperate need of resuscitation equipment. And we are very happy to receive a set of modern, reliable equipment that will help our neonatologists and resuscitators care for and maintain functional health of the little citizens of Atyrau. We thank AYALA Foundation and BAYER company for their attention to the needs of neonatologists in our city.

Director of the Regional Perinatal Center of Aktau

There is a chance to save a newborn’s brain cells from death, but we must act quickly. From the moment of birth there is only the first 6 hours for hypothermia. The sooner, the better the effect. An automatic hypothermia machine is of great help for us. Last year it was delivered by AYALA Charity Foundation with the support of Samruk Kazyna Trust Foundation. This equipment performs a number of labor-intensive manipulations. First, it gradually cools the newborn body to 33-34 degrees, and second, it maintains his or her body temperature at this level for tens of hours. All processes are automated, plus a monitor that is tracking the readings of the child’s brain. Personnel errors compared to mechanical, manual hypothermia are reduced to zero.

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