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After a long break, AYALA Foundation has again resumed a free program for sharing experience with doctors and free diagnostics of children in Kazakhstan with Busan National University Hospital (BNUH)!

A delegation of 5 doctors from the BNUH visited Almaty on October 18-21 as part of the implementation of the Memorandum of Cooperation with our Foundation.

The delegation of doctors was headed by Professor Lee Jong Seop, who has been an ambassador of our Foundation in South Korea for many years. Doctors from Busan spent a busy 4 days in the southern capital and visited 4 medical Centres.

At the National Centre for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology, professor-gynecologist Kim Seung Chol delivered two open lectures for dozens of doctors and residents of perinatal centres and maternity hospitals in Almaty. During several days, he also conducted free diagnostics for 25 expectant mothers, helping Kazakhstani doctors choose the optimal direction of pregnancy management for the most complex cases: pregnancy with cirrhosis of the liver, cancer, and heart pathologies.

The head of the department of orthopedics of the BNUH, Professor Lee Jong Sop, received young patients and advised their parents at the Almaty oblast Clinical Hospital in the village of Otegen Batyr. In just a few days, he and his colleagues consulted more than 80 children for free!

Samal also came to see him — Professor Lee first time saw her several years ago with severe scoliosis. Then our Foundation paid for flights for Samal and her mother to undergo surgery in Busan, which was successful. And here is a new meeting — Professor Lee is very pleased with the result of his operation! The girl just needs to gain a little weight and do active stretching. Professor Lee also delivered a lecture to the orthopedic doctors of the ARCH on the topic Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis.

Another excellent result of the visit of the delegation of doctors from the BNUH was the installation of a computer for telemedicine at the Children’s City Clinical Hospital No. 2. In difficult cases,Kazakhstani doctors have the opportunity to consult with South Korean doctors on a wide range of diseases now. The BNUH provides translators free of charge and will select a specialized doctor for each case. A trial joint consultation using telemedicine at BNUH took place in the presence of neurosurgeons and staff of the neurosurgery department. By the result of the session, the doctors of BNUH recommended changing the diagnosis, with which domestic doctors agreed.

We thank the Busan National University Hospital for supporting the Power of Caring of our Foundation and for many years of fruitful cooperation!


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