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The medical Centre received an open resuscitation system, 5 fetal monitors and 10 phototherapy lamps.

AYALA Foundation donated modern resuscitation equipment for the perinatal Centre of the Almaty oblast for the implementation of the Let’s Breathe Life project.

From January to April 2021, AYALA Foundation raised about 40 million tenge in the form of donations through boxes in Mamma Mia restaurants, in the Qaganat catering chain, at Gasenergy gas stations, at KazMunayGaz gas stations, in SaksFifthAvenue, Viled stores, and in the sales office Air Astana tickets, to the shopping Centre «»Keruen»», «»Keruen Aktobe»», «»Tumar»», donations through Kassa 24 terminals, donations from individuals through Halyk Bank, through the Foundation website ayala.kz, as well as transfers for charitable events on the Internet Gasenergy gas station and from the sale of charity merch in the VILED Fashion network.

The Foundation purchased and donated modern resuscitation equipment to 2 medical Centres with these funds. In Almaty, the Research Centre of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology received two non-invasive ventilators nCPAP (CPAP).

The oblast perinatal Centre of Taldykorgan needed to equip its intensive care unit with equipment for nursing newborns with various pathologies.

Every year this Centre delivers about 10 thousand births, mainly from the northern oblast s of the Almaty oblast. It has 150 beds, including ten in the Department of Newborn Pathology and Premature Care. It employs 34 doctors and 126 nurses.

“Our main objrctive is to help every family have healthy children. Therefore, we direct our clinical work to ensure that all births within the walls of the Centre take place safely, and all children are born healthy. We thank AYALA Foundation and all Kazakhstanis who helped purchase equipment for our intensive care unit Modern medical technologies will help our specialists provide quality care to newborns, as well as reduce perinatal losses and the risk of disability from childhood,” said Zhumashev Kanat Kalikanovich, director of the Perinatal Centre of the Almaty oblast .

Fetal monitors allow precise monitoring of maternal and fetal health by simultaneously monitoring fetal heart rate and uterine contractions.

The open resuscitation system was created specifically to maintain optimal microclimatic conditions for nursing, including premature babies.

Phototherapy lamp helps cure jaundice in newborns, maintaining their health and intelligence. High levels of toxic bilirubin in the blood can cause irreversible damage to a child’s brain, including developmental delays, athetoid cerebral palsy, seizures, and hearing problems.

Transfer of the equipment by AYALA Foundation took place within the framework of the republican Let’s Breathe Life project. Over 14 years, this Foundation’s project has covered 36 cities and 67 medical institutions in Kazakhstan. Hundreds of Kazakhstani neonatologists and nurses have completed skills improvement training courses. Over the entire period of implementation of the project, for 682.2 million tenge, transferred by major sponsors and Kazakhstanis, the Foundation bought and supplied in hospitals: 116 phototherapy units, 13 ventilators, 9 neonatal intensive care incubators, 24 open resuscitation systems, 27 bedside patient monitors, 2 anesthesia units, 9 EEG monitors, 7 therapeutic hypothermia units and 5 fetal monitors.

“The life of every child is of great value for our country. For 15 years, AYALA Foundation has been fighting the causes of death and disability in newborns. We equip the largest perinatal Centres in Kazakhstan with modern resuscitation equipment for rescuing and caring for children. It operates for 5, and even 10 years. This means that thanks to him and the professional knowledge and caring hands of neonatologists, the lives of thousands of children will be saved, regardless of pandemics, quarantines and other restrictions. We are very glad that hundreds of thousands of Kazakhstanis are taking part in this good cause, thank you very much for this and our most sincere wishes for goodness and prosperity in every day,” said Aidan Suleimenova, President of AYALA Foundation.


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