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A pupil of regional orphanage No. 1, Almaty

“I tried to figure out how to make video for YouTube myself, watched videos on how to do it. The courses AYALA Foundation organized for us and the vine competition itself helped a lot. In future I want to become a TV presenter and make cool videos for Instagram and YouTube. Thanks to the Foundation for this opportunity!”

A cadet of Arystan Lyceum

“I began thinking about military profession after I had visited Arystan Lyceum with other students from boarding school No. 15, where I studied before. The tutors who were paid for by AYALA Charity Foundation helped us prepare for the entrance exams. When I entered Arystan , I was very worried about the language barrier, but the lyceum teachers helped me overcome it. We get up at 6.40 am, have daily training and up to 8 lessons a day, plus hobby groups. And after that we go to bed. Here we are taught discipline and order. We study at Arystan for free, but the selection and performance requirements are very strict. I am very glad that I can study at this lyceum. Thanks to AYALA Foundation for this opportunity!”

A graduate of CodingLab - a free Samsung programming school from Novaya Shulba village, East Kazakhstan region

I learned about CodingLab mobile application developer courses from my computer science teacher. She said that I could study at this programming school online. Without thinking twice, I agreed. It was interesting to try my hand, plus - you don’t have to go anywhere,” says Maksim. The most difficult thing while studying at CodingLab is to understand the basics, because without it there is nothing to do. But despite the difficulties, I still set a goal to complete my studies. At CodignLab I learned how to solve complex problems. This, in my opinion, is the most important thing in life. In the future I want to be a programmer and create something new for music. I am fond of music and want to promote it in the technological field. Therefore, I entered the university to the specialty “Applied Mathematics and Computer Science”. I live in a village, so I took the training online. The coordination of AYALA Foundation was very helpful - all classes, despite the huge distance, were held on time. Even if there were some changes in the schedule, I was informed immediately, so I didn’t miss a single lesson.”

A graduate of boarding school No. 15 in Almaty, a barber

“At the boarding school we attended classes where we practiced skills of stylish men's haircuts, as well as classics and fades. The classes were organized by AYALA Foundation. They invited very strong masters from Ellada salon to teach us. They showed how to cut hair correctly: how to hold scissors, a comb, and a hair trimmer. When we learned this, we cut hair of pupils from our school. I was very inspired by this profession, I wanted to continue cutting hair and become a barber in the future. Therefore, after I had passed the Uniform National Testing, I wrote to Almaz Chagaev, the owner of BRIL barber salon. He offered an internship and I accepted. For a week I came there and watched how the masters cut hair in that salon. Then they asked me to show what I could do. Using my model, we worked together on the basic approaches to barber haircuts, shaving, and what basic shapes they should have. And then I started working in the salon. I am very thankful to AYALA Foundation for the opportunity to become a barber .”

7th grade student of boarding school No. 17, Almaty

“I dream of being a doctor. In order to master this profession you need to know physics well. I decided now to study this subject in depth. After several months of classes, I can say that I have more knowledge. My performance has improved not only in physics, but also in mathematics and chemistry. Thanks to AYALA Foundation and our tutors from the Republican School of Physics and Mathematics for this.”

9th grade student of boarding school No. 10, Almaty

“Students from the Republican School of Physics and Mathematics became our teachers thanks to AYALA Foundation. They help us understand topics in physics and algebra that we did not understand, so that we understand everything well. We study remotely 2 or 3 times a week. I want to enter a medical college or university. Therefore, I need to know physics and algebra very well. I would like to thank our tutors from the Republican School of Physics and Mathematics, because I understood a lot of what I didn’t understand. This is very important, because without understanding one topic, it is impossible to understand a new one. And so the result is that nothing is clear at all. Our tutors from the Republican School of Physics and Mathematics explain everything in a way that is accessible and understandable to everyone.”

11th grade student of the Republican School of Physics and Mathematics, Almaty

“Since 2020, me and my classmates help children from boarding schools to master topics that they did not understand in mathematics, physics and chemistry. For me, this is not just volunteering. I enjoy working with children, I enjoy helping them understand complex formulas and solve math problems. If you have the opportunity and time to help, then you should take advantage of it! In a regular school, pupils are given only basic knowledge, but we can share more in-depth material with them. This is a big plus for them."

11th grade student of the Republican School of Physics and Mathematics, Almaty

“At first, I treated tutoring for schoolchildren from boarding schools only as an opportunity to consolidate my knowledge. But then I realized that as a citizen and as part of our society, I must help others. After all, for our country to develop, there must be smart youth. That was the first time when I taught. It was difficult to get in tune with them, it was difficult to explain, but it turned out well. My pupils write that they have begun to study better and that they pass their tests well. Of course, this result is very pleasing and inspiring.”

A student of boarding school No. 17

“We were shown how students of Arystan Lyceum lived. I really liked that there was good discipline there, and at the same time it was clear that they were given good knowledge there. I also noticed that the living conditions there were very good. I will definitely try to enter this lyceum.”

11th grade student of the Republican School of Physics and Mathematics, Almaty

“Over these two years, we have acquired a lot of teaching skills and experience in “upgrading” soft skills, in planning, and have become more responsible. We really want the children we teach to become better than us and achieve more in their lives.”

A pupil of Regional Orphanage No. 1, Almaty, a world champion among juniors in jiu-jitsu

“I wrestle and learn to play tennis. In the future I want to participate in national and world tennis championships. Thanks to AYALA Foundation for the opportunity to train with our coach Sergei Birkin. I really enjoy our training!”

The mother of Mansur Bautdinov

“We were born on May 13, 2016. We are very thankful to the medical staff and everyone who helped my son survive. The warmth and care that surrounded us helped my son grow up and become so big! Our special gratitude to AYALA Foundation. With this equipment, our children are nursed and feel as if they are still inside their mother. Thank you very much for these gifts to the perinatal center.”

A student of boarding school No. 15

“I learned about AYALA Foundation’s barber courses from our teacher at the boarding school and wanted to attend them. And now I’m already undergoing training, learning from the masters in a real barber salon. In the future, I want to learn more about management and business and open my own barbershop .”

A student of boarding school No. 15

“In barber courses , I think the most important thing is not to be afraid, because the path in any profession begins with mistakes. However mistakes help us learn and gain expertise. Many thanks to AYALA Foundation for giving us the opportunity to acquire a barber profession while studying at the boarding school.”

The mother of twins saved with the use of the Foundation's equipment

“In 2013, at Perinatal Center No. 3 in Almaty, I gave birth to twins at 32 weeks. There was premature bursting of the waters without labor, and intrauterine retention began. We decided to have an emergency caesarean section. The children did not cry: their lungs did not expand. I didn’t see much of their rescue process because I wasn’t allowed to see them for a day. I know that my babies were immediately connected to lung ventilators. They spent 5 days at the resuscitation unit, and then another 10 days in the Intensive Care Unit under a special oxygen apparatus provided by the Foundation. Everything was tiny, neat, especially for tiny children like my boys were. Then they developed neonatal jaundice. And again the foundation’s equipment helped - they received phototherapy under special lamps. I saw so many children’s lives saved in this Perinatal Center! My boys were born, despite the term, with a body weight of 2 kg each, but there were very tiny babies - 500 and 700 grams. They were also given a right to life, thanks to the doctors, nurses and modern resuscitation equipment! Thank you so much for your Foundation! Such funds should exist and give all children born prematurely the RIGHT TO LIFE!”

Ademi's mother

My daughter Ademi was born with severe hypoxia - oxygen starvation. My daughter swallowed amniotic fluid and could not breathe on her own. She didn't move, didn't open her eyes. The next day, Ademi was taken by plane to Karaganda. She was connected to a hypothermia machine in the resuscitation unit. A week later I came to Karaganda, because my doctors at the Balkhash maternity hospital didn’t let me go earlier. And a week later my Ademi was able to move and breathe on her own. Now she is doing well: she is at home. Many thanks to everyone who helped us!

Amir's mother

My son was on a hypothermia machine, connected to a lung ventilator. Still in the intensive care room, I was allowed to care of Amir. I changed his diapers, looked at him for hours, saw how he, so tiny, laid on the apparatus. I was afraid, because I had only seen such devices in movies before. Once I came into the resuscitation unit, and the machine was turned off. I run to the nurse, cried and told them: “You have probably forgotten about my son!?” And they answered me that everything was fine with him! I am so grateful to the doctors, nurses and those who bought and donated equipment to save our babies!

The mother of a girl saved with the use of the Foundation's equipment

Thanks to the doctors, Samruk-Kazyna Trust Foundation and AYALA Charity Foundation. Thanks to the hypothermia machine, my baby was able to survive, she is getting stronger, she is doing well now!

Ayim's mother

I was told that the baby not only experienced asphyxia at birth, but also swallowed amniotic fluid. My daughter was so small and helpless, it was my first labor, and I didn’t understand what to do. The doctors surrounded me with care from the first minute. And they immediately connected my daughter to a hypothermia machine. The Doctors at the Mangystau Regional Perinatal Center said that they had recently received that modern device, and that it could help the health and life of my daughter in general. And now I thank everyone who helped bring this device to us in Aktau. Samruk-Kazyna Trust Social Projects Development Fund and AYALA Charity Foundation - thank you very much! It is a scary thought what would have happened without it. And of course, thanks to the doctors, nurses and everyone who was there. Now Ayim is already six months - she is doing well: she eats, plays, grows, and develops!

The mother of a boy rescued with the use of the Foundation's equipment

It was a hypothermia machine that helped keep my son alive! Now we are constantly followed up by the neurologist. We control the head size, every centimeter is very important for us. I hug and kiss my son, thanking the kind people who helped me buy such a necessary device. I'm sure he helped us a lot! Thanks to the Samruk-Kazyna Trust Social Projects Development Fund and AYALA Charity Foundation, and of course to all the staff of the maternity hospital - Ulken Rakhmet (thank you very much)!

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