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The TOMATIS therapy method helped special children from the capital’s psychological and learning disability office No. 1 to hear, understand and speak better. Support for KPPK No. 1 by the TOMATIS Talks Up apparatus and training of a special education teacher from this office in Moscow were implemented by the AYALA Charity Foundation with funds from the corporate participation of the companies KATKO and Kamkor Management in the Astana Marathon in 2019.

The TOMATIS therapy method has been used in 75 countries for more than 60 years. It increases the chances of regaining correct listening by helping the brain be more attentive to the auditory sensory message. This occurs through the generation of unexpected changes that the brain cannot predict. It also helps with problems with memory and attention, emotional disorders, learning disabilities and significantly improves coordination and body control in special children.

Using the TOMATIS method, for 25 minutes, a child, wearing special headphones, engages in activities that interest him: elements of art therapy, sand therapy, and various play practices are used.

The course of one program using this method lasts 14 days. During classes, a specialist observes the child and notes changes. Furthermore, already from the second lesson, children are happy to enter the office, following the sequence of actions (entered, said hello, put on headphones and sat down at the table). When informed that a lesson is ending, the child approaches the teacher to have his headphones removed and, after saying goodbye, leaves the office. Some children are even twirling during music accompanied class.

Parents also note positive changes: children have acquired their first sounds and words, perseverance has increased, concentration has improved, and an understanding of instructions has developed.

Aliar, with retarded emotional-communicative development and lack of speech, already after the third lesson, has his eye contact improved, he became more obedient, he began to understand and follow simple instructions, come into contact with adults, show emotional responsiveness, and he began to make his first sounds. Roman, who has mental retardation and general underdevelopment of level 2 speech, acquired new words by the sixth lesson, he began to more clearly express his thoughts, construct sentences, and talk about himself. Altair had no speech at all, and after 14 lessons, contact with the teacher improved, he began to speak — first in a whisper, and then gradually including his voice. Semyon had problems with speech and behavior observed, and thanks to classes using the TOMATIS method, positive dynamics in behavior were noticeable, he became diligent, and at home he began to express his thoughts in full sentences.

“Our children and the positive changes that have occurred in their development confirm the efficiency of this method. Therefore, I want to thank the AYALA Charity Foundation the KATKO and Kamkor Management for this excellent equipment. This is an important and essential tool for correcting disorders in children with special educational needs,” emphasizes Bakhyt Bekbolatovna.


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