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At the end of the year, AYALA Charitable Foundation donated Forus NEO retinal camera in Kokshetau, which will help doctors save hundreds of newborn children from visual impairment every year. This is the sixth retinal camera donated to medical institutions in Kazakhstan by this charity organization. Charitable assistance for the purchase of the equipment was provided by Kamaz Engineering, PTC Holding and VILED Group. Donations raised through charity boxes and through the QR code of AYALA Foundation were added to these funds.

Kamaz Engineering was the first company to respond to the call for help to Akmolinsky Regional Perinatal Center in Kokshetau and transferred charitable assistance to the amount of 1,000,000 tenge. Then the staff of PTC Holding in September ran in Astana Marathon to support this good activity. And the company’s contribution to the amount of 1,150,000 tenge for participation in this largest running event in the country was added to the first million collected. From April to September inclusive VILED Group transferred funds from the sale of charity merch to the amount of 717,552 tenge to AYALA Foundation, which we also added to the funds. The Foundation was able to raise more than 23.7 million tenge from citizens of Kazakhstan — through charity boxes, transfers using the QR code in Kaspi bank, and donations through Vlife mobile application.

“In this project, we were able to involve almost all Kazakhstan in charity, because our boxes and signs with the QR code are placed at the points of Qazaq Oil network of fuel stations almost all over the country. We are happy that our Foundation has the confidence of both large businesses and hundreds of thousands of Kazakhstani people. It took us just six months to implement such a large project in terms of budget and significance. Our diagnostic equipment will work in the Regional Perinatal Center of Kokshetau for at least 5 years. During this period, doctors will be able to identify vision pathologies in hundreds of newborns from all over Akmola region. Timely diagnosis is half the success in saving from visual impairment from birth. We sincerely thank everyone who supported our efforts and helped equip this medical facility with a modern, convenient and easy-to-use retinal camera. In the coming New Year, I wish you good health, happiness and joy in your families, successful implementation of all your plans,” — Aidan Suleimenova, the Founder and President of AYALA Charitable Foundation noted.

Over two years of implementation of “Retinopathy of Prematurity” project, AYALA Foundation raised and allocated 326,914,960 tenge for the purchase and transfer of 25 units of diagnostic and laser surgical medical equipment, including 5 laser units, 6 retinal cameras, 14 ophthalmoscopes and 84 vials of Lucentis medicinal product to public medical institutions of Kazakhstan in order to reduce infant disability associated with retinopathy of prematurity.

Thanks to the Foundation’s assistance, 17 perinatal and scientific centers of Kazakhstan in 2023 performed eye diagnostic testing in 4,322 premature newborns, of which 1,210 children were diagnosed with retinopathy. Using the equipment of AYALA Foundation, 100% of premature children at risk for retinopathy were screened, and ophthalmologists were able to save vision of 340 children thank to well-timed performance of retinal laser coagulation procedure.


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