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Since February 2021, 667 doctors from all over Kazakhstan have registered on the platform with free video courses, of whom 117 doctors received certificates of full completion of the courses. The project is carried out by AYALA Charity Foundation through partnership with Chevron.

This platform works to provide Kazakhstani doctors and nursing staff from perinatal Centres, maternity hospitals and oblast hospitals with free, convenient and easy access to courses from leading practitioners in neonatology, intensive care and pediatrics. Over the two years, it has published 7 courses in Kazakh and Russian: “Artificial ventilation and intensive care of newborns”, “Use of electroencephalography monitors in neonatology”, “Minimally invasive administration of surfactant”, “Acute asphyxia of newborns and severe hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy”, “Hospital infection. New approaches”, “Basic principles of care in the intensive care unit”, “Developmental care for newborns and infection control in the intensive care unit”.

“The goal of the project is to make innovative methods of resuscitation of newborn children available to all neonatologists in the country using advanced practical experience and convenient online technologies. Being the only foundation in Kazakhstan specializing in neonatology, AYALA, together with Chevron, has been helping doctors of maternity hospitals and perinatal centres improve their professional knowledge and skills free of charge for many years. The results of AYALA Online Academy confirm that doctors like this training format. It is more convenient as it is adapted to their busy work schedule. Connection to courses is available for smartphones and tablets. It is possible to receive a certificate of completion of courses. We are pleased to be useful to our respected doctors not only through equipping hospitals with modern resuscitation equipment, but also through modern training technologies,” stressed Aidan Suleimenova, founder and president of AYALA Charity Foundation.

According to Zhanar Koshpanova, a representative of Chevron, public relations coordinator: Support for heathcare programs is one of the strategic areas of Chevron’s social investments. For thirty years of work in Kazakhstan, our programs have helped improve the health and quality of life of the local population. We not only purchase advanced equipment for medical institutions, but also share knowledge and train local specialists in the latest advances in medicine. Jointly with Ayala Foundation, we conduct training seminars annually, however, it is often quite difficult to choose the right time for all trainees. In this regard, AYALA Online Academy is a unique project that allows to study using distance technologies and virtually on the job, which is especially valuable for our doctors, who, as we all know, have a very busy work schedule.”

In 2023, 4 more free courses will appear on AYALA Online Academy platform: for ophthalmologists, ultrasonographers, and neonatologists-resuscitators.

All courses on AYALA Online Academy portal are divided into blocks, which helps in mastering the material. After registration, access to lecture information is open for 2 months. Therefore, a course can be taken even at a workplace, listening to it in small fragments, returning to the record, if necessary. Presentation material is provided for each lecture. After completing the course, trainees receive a certificate, and they also have an opportunity to receive feedback from a lecturer by asking a clarifying question in the chat. Control of the learned material in the form of a mandatory test after each block and at the end of the course is also provided for.


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