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Project «Room of social and household orientation»

In past the social-household orientation (SHO) was a subject of school education program “Domestic art”. The pupils of the boarding schools and orphanages learn to cook, serve a table, clean the kitchen and flat, use modern washing and dishwashing machines and other household facilities in these rooms. The presence of SHO cabinet and its correct organization significantly stimulate the effective preparation of pupils to their future independent life.

In the end of 2010 the first room of social-household orientation has been opened in the correctional boarding school №7 in Almaty for children with intellectual development disorders. Today we have opened and equipped 6 rooms with all necessary facilities. 4.2 million tenge has already been allocated on realization of this project. A long-term partner of the project is the company Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia which equips SHO rooms with the necessary household appliances.