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Project «Modern technologies to children»

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of children with intellectual development disorders and, accordingly, it is necessary to find the most effective way of teaching this category of children. Modern informational support of educational space includes provision of equipment which enables full implementation of the developing educational computer technologies and stimulates the rise of children's motivation to acquire and assimilate new knowledge.

Application of interactive board helps to make the educational process exciting, dynamic, colorful and to get feedback from students. Interactive board is a multifunctional device that allows using both the standard software which goes in one set together with the interactive board and author presentations, training devices, videos, computer games, etc.

In the process of working with the interactive board the different types of memory (auditory, visual, associative) are enabled in students,         the processes of attention are activated (concentration, distribution, switching), the graphomotor skills and visual-spatial relationships are developed. The practical significance of using the interactive boards is that the teacher and students are expanding the usual boundaries by raising the process of teaching and learning to a new qualified level. With the help of computer technologies it is possible to increase significantly the motivation of a child with special needs in the process of work that is hard for him, to teach and train him to assess his own achievements by himself, to set self-consciously new tasks to himself.

Since 2012 «AYALA» foundation transferred 40 interactive boards totaling 16.6 million tenge to the children’s educational institutions of Kazakhstan.

In some educational institutions there are interactive boards in every classroom, but the vast majority of schools do not have such boards at all.