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Project «Therapeutic physical training room»

Physiotherapy (physical therapy) is a discipline that studies the theory and methods when the exercises can serve as a means of treatment, recovery (rehabilitation) and prevention of various diseases. It helps to maintain the vitality tonus of all organs and functional systems (cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, musculoskeletal), increasing thus the overall working capacity and ability to adapt (conform) to the changing life conditions.

Physical therapy for children has specific features particularly associated with both anatomical and physiological peculiarities of the child's organism and with the specificity of the childhood diseases. A great need in the movements which is peculiar to children is an important biological feature of the growing organism and it represents an essential condition for the proper formation and development of the child's organism. In the process of any kind of long disease the children start to have not only the developing pathologic symptoms typical of the disease itself, but also the abnormalities in growth and development, functional impairments due to the limitation of physical activity. Therefore, one of the main tasks of physical therapy in pediatrics is to warn the child’s underdevelopment by filling motion deficit and by applying specially selected exercises for direct therapeutic, corrective effects in case of specific diseases.

In the end of 2008 «AYALA» foundation equipped the first therapeutic physical training room. Today, thanks to the sponsors and partners of the fund in Kazakhstan 17 therapeutic physical training rooms are equipped in the amount of 10 million tenge.