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04-10-2019 The third academic year started at CodingLab

1,500 high school and college students began their studies at Samsung's free CodingLab...

1,500 high school and college students began their studies at Samsung's free CodingLab programming school. This school has been operating in Kazakhstan for 3 years.

Teachers teach to program in Java, create fully functional applications for Android, help to master computer graphics and design skills, as well as object-oriented programming, introduce the basics of back-end development of mobile applications.

This year the project received 3 thousand applications. And only half of the candidates successfully completed the tests and was admitted. 1,420 students will take advanced coding courses online. About 80 more people in 4 groups attend classes at SamsungInnovationLab in Almaty.

The opportunity to study online has significantly expanded the geography of the project. Students of the school are residents of 8 cities - Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Pavlodar, Karaganda, Zhezkazgan, Oskemen, Semey and Taraz.

The academic year will be interactive and intense. There will be lectures, practical exercises and mini-projects, the students also will participate in webinars and have useful meetings with international professionals. And at the end of the study they will have to develop and defend their own project.

The CodingLab course runs until May 2020. Classes are held twice a week for 110 minutes. All teachers of the project are highly qualified professionals. A certificate is awarded for the full programming course completion.


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