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23-08-2019 Season 3: Admission is open in SAMSUNG free programming school

We are happy to announce that CodingLab SAMSUNG free programming school is starting...

We are happy to announce that CodingLab SAMSUNG free programming school is starting enrollment for the third season of the project.

“At our school in a fun and easy way we teach to create mobile applications and games in Java language for Android smartphones. Nowadays, their developers are among the most highly-demanded in the labor market. This means that we give teenagers a great opportunity to get a dream job,” Samsung Corporate and Social Responsibility Manager Berik Umarov said.

Students of Almaty general education schools and colleges aged 14 to 18 can enroll at CodingLab.

In this programming school there are comfortable classrooms equipped with great computers. Classes with experienced teachers-practitioners are held 2 hours 2 times a week as workshops, seminars and mini-projects. So it won’t be boring!

To become a student is easy. First you need to submit an application on the website https://coding-lab.kz/, then pass the test and wait for confirmation of enrollment.

AYALA Foundation helps SAMSUNG in the implementation of this project. You can find out more about the first season of the project here http://www.ayala.kz/redesign2/index.php/ru/programs-rus/coding-lab-project-rus/item/3039-news-rus and here http://www.ayala.kz/redesign2/index.php/ru/programs-rus/coding-lab-project-rus/item/3097-news-rus

We will tell you about the results of enrollment at CodingLab 2019-2020 in a month. Stay tuned for our news!