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10-09-2018 Start of the school of programming

AYALA Charity Foundation joined the Coding Lab educational project by Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia in 2018.

AYALA Charity Foundation joined the Coding Lab educational project by Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia in 2018.

The need for competent programmers grows every day, today it is one of the most demanded professions in the world. Finding a really good specialist in this field is a big problem in our country.

The South Korean holding, focused on social responsibility and support of regions in solving local problems, launched the Innovation Academy for students of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in 2015.

As corporate social responsibility manager of Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia Berik Umarov noted, the current level of IT specialists is rather low. “The reason for this is the late choice of the future profession by today’s schoolchildren. This usually happens in a graduation class or immediately after graduation. There are no career counseling programs in our educational system,” he believes.

That is why Samsung has decided to start teaching children as soon as possible, from school. Coding Lab is a long-term project of the company on extended education of schoolchildren. It is aimed at students of schools and colleges aged 14 to 17 years. Classes are held twice a week for 110 minutes. Within the educational process, from September to May 2019, children will have more than 120 hours of theory and practical training. The program includes the fundamentals of Android applications programming, algorithms and data structures in Java, the fundamentals of computer graphics and design, object-oriented programming and the development of the server side of mobile applications. Experienced teachers will tell in simple words and show how to create simple applications.  Within the academic year students will have the opportunity to communicate and learn from developers of our country.

The teachers are going to prepare graduates with good skills and abilities to create own projects by the end of the academic year. Graduates, who will successfully master the program, will receive certificates. The final exam for the children will be the creation of a special application for Samsung mobile phones and tablets based on Android. The author of the best application will get the opportunity to fly to Moscow in summer to present his/her work at the international competition of young programmers.


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