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31-10-2018 Young programmers

The first training module was completed at the Coding Lab school on October 20.

The first training module was completed at the Coding Lab school on October 20. What did the children learn in the first one and a half months of study? What projects of useful mobile applications are in the minds of young coders?

In the era of online education everyone has plenty of opportunities to learn programming independently, remotely, on websites. But still it is much more effective and fun to storm the world of coding with an experienced mentor in the company of the same enthusiastic peers. Teachers will warn about coding pitfalls on time, show mistakes at the initial stage, immerse students in programming theory and gradually lead to more complex tasks. We continue to introduce future programmers to you.

Denis Motin:

- I plan to study at university for a programmer, as I consider this a promising direction in the future. Before the courses I was a self-taught, I tried to learn programming languages by myself. I see what progress I have: I learned what I have been studying by myself for the year-one and a half here in just a month. I revised the old and learned a lot of new. I like to study here because we have everything to gain knowledge: an excellent teacher, a welcoming atmosphere, and good laptops. It is nice to see so many children who are passionate about the same as you in one place. We are interested together. If we talk about my project, then I plan to create an application as a foreign language dictionary that will help users to learn foreign languages easier.

Valihan Yeltaev:

- Computers interested me early; I learned to use them before my school. For me informatics at school was some kind of a holiday, but I came to actual programming only last year. It's a little bit late because my parents did not support my choice, they wanted to see me as a doctor, but I have other plans. I would love to teach, for example. And not one subject, but several at once. Sometimes I dream to create my own school.

I like our lecturer Vladimir Dmitrievich Nekhoroshev, he is cool, he explains all the topics clearly, my entire group appreciates him. Before starting to work on Android applications we first thoroughly studied the fundamentals of programming from the beginning, this will help us make fewer mistakes later.

We are all very close friends here; I can’t even believe that we haven’t known each other recently. I even decided to create my own social network with my new friends. Together with Alinur, Kymbat and Malika we want to create a universal network that will include properties of all existing instant messengers. But our network will be more perfect, because it will be supported by artificial intelligence. We want to replace the entire operating system with one application, acting simultaneously as a browser.

Kymbat Abzhaparova:

- I didn’t seriously think about programming before, didn’t even open my laptop at home, and now I do it with such joy! Although I was worried at the beginning: what if I can’t make it? I'm glad I found new friends here, always ready to help, explain, if I don’t understand something. On the courses I got rid of the stereotypical opinion that programming is a boring activity. Nothing like that, we have so much fun when we write codes together! This is a very exciting process. And it's cool when you can really do something.

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