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Our projects

The charity foundation “AYALA” offers you to take part in the realization of the range of projects. Our foundation was founded in March, 2007. For 9 years of work the help was provided to 210 institutions – maternity hospitals, perinatal centers, children’s hospitals, polyclinics and sanatoriums, and also child care centers, orphanages, correctional boarding schools and kindergartens in 58 cities of Kazakhstan.

2.5 billion tenge has already been allocated for realization of charity projects. At present time 67 fund-raising boxes for projects of our foundation were placed at motorway filling stations, restaurants, boutiques, airline ticket offices of “Air Astana” company in Almaty, Astana and Atyrau.  Donations can also be transferred by means of Internet banking, terminals and by sms messages. “Breathe, baby”, “Breathe life”, “Doctor’s room”, “Special children – special caring” - that’s only a small part of our global projects. As a result, we have thousands of rescued lives. Besides, new educational equipment was provided to kindergartens and boarding schools; the everyday life of children with disabilities has significantly improved.  

The foundation organizes children festivals such as World Child’s Day, Day of spontaneous kindness, World Cartoons’ Day and many other dates which do not relate to traditional charity reasons such as New Year and International Children’s Day.

It should be noted that “AYALA” foundation doesn’t take commission for its work. 100% of financial means received from sponsors is transferred directly to the realization of projects. The mechanism of our foundation’s work is as follows: at the initial stage we identify a problem, then collect information and process the needs of institution. After this there is a stage of coordination with Ministries and local departments of healthcare, education, culture and social protection. Then we design a project and estimate budget. At the following stage we search for sponsors and suppliers. Next step includes project’s realization, awarding ceremony, presentation of financial report and mass media coverage.  

At present time the charity foundation “AYALA” continues to collect financial means for realization of its projects. If you want to help in their realization you can choose several positions or even just one of them. This will be of great help in the process of project’s realization. We will be glad to receive any help!


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