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16-07-2015 A special focus on Ereimentau district veterans on Victory Anniversary

The social project of the “Chevron” company and the charitable fund “AYALA” in Ereimentau district...

The social project of the “Chevron” company and the charitable fund “AYALA” in Ereimentau district Akmolinskaya oblast was not left without the Great Patriotic War’s veterans’ attention. Our curator of the republican projects Artem Radaykin personally got connected with the front-line soldiers and elucidated what they wanted to receive as a gift on the Victory Anniversary. Household appliances, furniture, and health care products. Household appliances, furniture, and health care products were given to three veterans, Karim Ospanov, Nickolai Frolov, and Mark Stylevoy, resident in Ereimentau district.

Akim of Ereimentau district Ermek Nugmanov as well as chairperson of the Veterans’ City Council Artamonova G.A., who conferred the veterans “Memory Book about Akmolinskaya oblast” took part in the gift-giving ceremony on the Victory Day.

Distinguished participants of the Great Patriotic War warmly thanked the fund “AYALA”, “Chevron” and “Samsung Electronics” companies which joined to the socially important project for their not leaving veterans without their attention and remembering about their contribution in the victory over fascism.

We wanted to demonstrate by this action that the veterans of 1941-1945 sanguinary war should not be left without the help of all people living in the independent Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the social Network Instagram we supposed that one of the charitable hashtags is the hashtag #”Worthy of Repetition“, and we are sure that this example is also worthy of repetition.


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