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22-10-2010 Working meeting of Friends’ Club of “AYALA” foundation

After celebratory meeting of members of the “Friends’ Club” of “AYALA” foundation...

After celebratory meeting of members of the “Friends’ Club” of “AYALA” foundation, we did not relax at all and a week later gathered together at a working meeting. On the agenda we offered few projects and main priority was given to the project of celebration of the “Universal Children’s Day”.

In 1954 the general assembly of the United Nations urged all countries to provide the celebration of “Universal Children’s Day” as a day of world brotherhood and understanding of children, devoted to activities aimed at ensuring the welfare of children around the world. The General Assembly recommended celebrating the Day on 20th of November, because on this day the UN General assembly in 1959 adopted a Declaration of children rights.

Friends’ club is planning to provide this holiday for 60 children - disabled children being cared at home from Bostandyk district and children with growth hormone deficiency.

We are planning a trip to the cinema and a small dinner party.

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