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19-03-2015 Nauryz in a rehabilitation center in Karaganda

On the eve of the Nauryz spring holiday in the regional "Umit" rehabilitation center for children... 

On the eve of the Nauryz spring holiday in the regional "Umit" rehabilitation center for children with developmental problems the "Kinder-Show" theater of children's holidays held a festive performance. Animators, puppets, magicians, wizards and aqua makeup masters visited children.

Regional "Umit" rehabilitation center works for almost 10 years. In this center rehabilitation undergoing children aged from 3 to 18 years old with severe disabilities, including intellectual, musculoskeletal and other systems. Currently, there are 55 pupils in the center. These are the children of Karaganda city and Karaganda region. The center refers to the Office of Education, but doctors are also working there.

Saltanat ISKAKOVA, the director of the regional rehabilitation center said: "Unfortunately, to date our center has not been the object of attention of benefactors, patrons and sponsors. I am very pleased that the guys from the Theater of children's holidays, together with the "AYALA" charity foundation found our institution and decided to spend a holiday for children. The children in our center have severe developmental disorders, and for their rehabilitation trainers, equipment for physical therapy and much more needed. And it is hoped that today's holiday will be an impetus to ensure that good friends will appear and will help children and give them a chance for a more or less successful socialization in the future".  

“About the “AYALA” charity foundation we learned from our partner – Deluxe magazine. On the foundation's web site we found the information that the "AYALA" actively cooperates with children's social institutions. Usually, when people thought about charity, orphanages are in the first place come to mind. The “AYALA” foundation opened to potential benefactors a "world" of children's institutions like our rehabilitation center in Karaganda city. And such centers, boarding schools and correctional kindergartens in dire need of help of caring people. We believe that the holiday, organized by us today will make a small contribution to the mission of the "AYALA" charity foundation - education of culture and tradition of philanthropy in our country”, - said Arman ZHUNISOV, director of the "Kinder-Show" theater of children's holidays.

Vice president of public relations of the "AYALA" charity foundation Zhangeldy SARSENOV said: "Our foundation is based in Almaty and is very pleased that people from other cities of the country increasingly turning to us with an active civil position in life. And these people also want to help children, who for various reasons are in specialized medical and educational institutions. I want to wish the well-being for children of the rehabilitation center, to express sincere admiration of devotion of the employees to their work. Special thanks to the guys of the "Kinder-Show" theater of children's holidays. I wish you to be the same restlessness optimists. And what is very important - active optimists. Good luck to you!”