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11-12-2014 Our foundation got new friends in Moscow

On the 11th of December a charity "Love never fails" concert-presentation held at the theater...

On the 11th of December a charity "Love never fails" concert-presentation held at the theater named after Vakhtangov in Moscow. The organizer of the concert was recently organized "Culture - to children" foundation.  The initiator of the organization of the foundation was the star of the Russian ballet scene Ilze Liepa.  "Culture – to children" foundation plans to help in the development of one of the most significant cultural achievements of Russia - ballet. Children's ballet schools in Moscow give children the opportunity to not necessarily become a professional dancer. These schools are making a huge contribution to the cultural education of girls and boys. Ilze said that students of ballet schools can be easily distinguished from their peers simply by posture and gestures.  

The concert was attended by stars of world music, Russian theater and ballet. The charity event was attended by People's Artists of Russia Valery Barinov, Alexander Mikhailov, Igor Kostolevsky, Yevgeny Mironov, Russian song ensemble of Nadezhda Babkina, famous pianist, professor of Russian Academy of Music named after Gnessin, People's Artist of Russia Yuri Rozum. On the theater stage held the premiere of "Mood" with which young stars of the ballet Y.  Stepanov and K. Yangurazov acted. Many years ago, with this act Andris Liepa received one of the main prizes at international festivals, who introduced the young dancers.

The young artists of the Ilze Liepa school apper on the stage with the ballet acts. In addition, Ilse was the emcee of the whole concert. Partner in this role was a famous Russian artist Alexander Oleshko. Decoration of the concert was the Georgian "Bagdaduri" town dance performed by People's Artist of Russia Ilze Liepa.

The aim of the charity concert was to raise funds for the purchase of a bus for pupils from orphanage of Nicholas Solbinskiy Monastery. This bus will allow pupils attend cultural events taking place in Moscow.

Ilze Liepa personally invited Aidan Suleimenova, the president of the "AYALA" foundation on the concert-presentation of the "Culture – to children" foundation, but due to certain circumstances, our foundation was represented by Zhangeldy Sarsenov. Employees of the foundation warmly thanked him for the opportunity to visit the concert. The next day after the concert, in the office of the "Culture – to children" foundation, the vice-president of our foundation held a two-hour conversation with the foundation’s manager.  This meeting was mutually enriching. Our foundation is almost 8 years old and newly formed foundation learned useful methods of fundraising, the subtleties of relations with sponsors and wards and many other things, necessary for the efficient operation of the charity foundation. During the meeting, the contours of partnership between the two funds were outlined. At the end of the conversation Ilze Liepa signed for the president of our foundation Aidan Suleimenova her recent book "Theatre fairy tales."

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