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25-06-2018 AYALA academy started up with a new status

The "AYALA Academy" project for training Kazakh doctors and nurses has acquired a new status. 

The "AYALA Academy" project for training Kazakh doctors and nurses has acquired a new status. Now, apart from improving the skills of pediatrics medical workers, we will be engaged in master classes, trainings, joint consultations and surgical operations in "adult" medicine.

The first experience in this area was the arrival of professors from Pusan National University Hospital (South Korea). A breast physician and an onco-urologist have spent two full workdays at the leading oncological center of Kazakhstan - the Kazakh Institute of Oncology and Radiology. Dozens of patients with complex diagnoses were consulted, a professor from South Korea took part in the operation, and during the teleconference with Taraz together with Kazakh doctors the surveillance of a pregnant woman with a malignant tumor was determined.

The South Korean professors – an onco-urologist Hong Koo Ha and a breast physician Tae U Kang highly appreciated the level of training of our specialists. During the next visit, scheduled for October, together with our doctors they will try to raise this level even higher, conduct joint operations and the next course of lectures for our doctors.

It should be reminded, that within the framework of this project we cooperated with doctors from Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Lithuania and India.

"AYALA Academy" is a project aimed at improving the quality of Kazakh medicine. We are confident that our partners, including potential partners, will support us. Let's do good deeds together!