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26-12-2017 Letters with wishes

A month ahead the New Year 115 children with disabilities of Bostandyksky and Turksibsky...

A month ahead the New Year 115 children with disabilities of Bostandyksky and Turksibsky districts of Almaty have written letters to Ded Moroz. These children cannot attend school because of their physical condition, and receive their education at home. For a month the letters were used as decorations for Christmas trees in the offices and boutiques of our sponsors - Saks Fifth Avenue, Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan, Oriflame, Starbucks, Swiss Perfection, ADD Capital. Visitors and employees were reading letters with cherished wishes of children and were putting the necessary amount to purchase a gift in the envelope.  There were also those who purchased the gifts on their own and handed us them beautifully packed.

Today we invited all the children and their parents to the cinema hall of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan to celebrate the holiday of miracles and fulfillment of wishes together. The Foundation has prepared a circus program for the guests with participation of clowns, acrobats, jugglers and trained animals. Afterwards Ded Moroz and Snegurochka  came out and handed everyone presents. Most of the children asked for smartphones, since they spend most of their lives at home and need to keep in touch with the outside world. Also they asked talking dolls, radio-controlled cars, table games, tinker toys and other gifts. In addition to the main present every child received a candy gift from Samsung. The budget of the event was 925 190 KZT.

On behalf of the children and their parents, with whole heart we thank visitors and employees of Saks Fifth Avenue, Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan, Oriflame Company, Starbucks Coffeehouse, Swiss Perfection beauty center and Samsung Electronics for their participation in our New Year project. Today we managed to make 115 children happier. Special thanks to the participants of the project who were able to come to the celebration and personally present a gift to the children to whose letters they had responded. Your participation is very important for us.

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