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24-05-2017 In Kazakhstan opened first “School of the Benefactor”

Here everything is like in a real school: earnest pupils, attentive teachers and, of course...

Here everything is like in a real school: earnest pupils, attentive teachers and, of course, a headmaster who manages learning process. The only difference is that lessons will take place not in the class rooms with the necessary attributes, but on the Internet. For the first time in Kazakhstan was opened a virtual "School of the benefactor". In the capacity of teachers are famous actors, bloggers, journalists, TV and radio presenters, designers; as students - everyone who wants to work for charitable causes but doesn’t know from what to start. And as the headmaster of the school is Aidan Suleymenova - the president of the "AYALA" charity fund.

In total there will be 9 lessons. Each of them contains a detailed story about start point, in case someone wants to work for charitable causes, what are the "tools" of help, to whom people can address their proposals, what kind of volunteer projects exist and much more. For example, the famous radio host Diana Snegina reported that it’s not necessary to be super-rich to help someone. It's enough to visit an orphanage or a special school and show talents in cooking or making haircuts, etc. And the actor Yerden Telemisov said that there are lots of ways to support: charity boxes and SMS projects. Blogger Molder Aidash added that there are internet banking and terminals. Consequently, people can help save someone's life even from home. According to popular Viner - Beksultan Kazybek, calendar gives us enough occasions to make children happy. One of the good examples is World Theater Day. Anyone can come to the chosen fund and suggest bringing children to the theater.

The project of the charity fund "AYALA" "School of the benefactor" was supported by Erden Telemisov, Olga Spirina, Maya Veronskaya, Bauyrzhan Satov, Diana Snegina, Oksana Loskutova, Beksultan Kazybek, Maya Akisheva, Alexander Shumsky, Zhanna Rakhimzhanova, Molder Aidash, Asem Nurseyitova, Zhuldyz Abilda, Aziza Aybadullina. You may get detailed information about lessons on the social media accounts of the fund.

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