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09-05-2016 We love, honor and remember

Kazakhstan people have celebrated the 71st anniversary of Victory Day! It has become a good tradition...

Kazakhstan people have celebrated the 71st anniversary of Victory Day! It has become a good tradition for the charity foundation “AYALA” and Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia Company to congratulate veterans of the Great Patriotic War, home front workers, widows of ex-veterans of the Great Patriotic War of Southern-Eastern region of internal affairs bodies on this day.

This year 42 veterans became the owners of product baskets. All bare essentials were included into the list of presents: corn, cereal, sugar, soap, cacao, tea, pea, beef, biscuit, spaghetti, oil, waffles, slippers, kerchiefs, bedding sets and lots of other things. The total cost amounted to 1 054 832 tenge. Hospitable hosts met guests with songs and tea. It should be noted that the oldest veteran among those who we visited was 92 years old. 

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