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14-10-2014 Dmitriy Malikov conducted a "music lesson" in Almaty

Today People's Artist of Russian Federation Dmitriy Malikov conducted a "Music lesson"...

Today People's Artist of Russian Federation Dmitriy Malikov conducted a "Music lesson" in the great hall of the Almaty Musical College named after Chaikovsky.  This is a socio-educational Dmitriy Malikov project, the goal of which is to support children's music education.

The project started in 2012. Within two years of the project known artist held 66 master classes in regional and federal centers of the Russian Federation. About 1000 children receiving music education, could perform on the one stage with Dmitriy, play with him in a duet on two grand pianos, or sing under his accompaniment. Viewers of the master class absolutely free of charge became more than 30 000 children and their teachers.

The Almaty Musical College named after Chaikovsky became the first outside Russian scene of creative meeting with talented young musicians of Kazakhstan. Composer, pianist, producer, talented singer Dmitriy Malikov met with college students, beginning musicians, artists of the children's creative collectives of Almaty. In the large music hall of the college winners of international competitions and festivals - "Shalkyma" ensemble, "Dostluh", Russian folk orchestra performed. The symphony orchestra along with worldwide hits, sounded popularly favorite song written by the President of our country, the leader of the Nation Nursultan Nazarbayev - "Ush Konyr". Author of the arrangements to many compositions was Arthur Orenburgskiy. By tradition, participants of the Dmitriy Malikov master class became performers of the classics touching song "Happy Birthday, Mom". Dmitriy admitted that for the first time heard his work, performed by 6-year-old boys, so set a record. 

Children's art, according to Dmitriy is a powerful tool for the development of humanism and the tradition of good deeds. Such events are very important in the implementation of the main mission of the "AYALA" charity foundation - education of traditions and culture of charity in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Dmitriy Malikov - a longtime friend of the "AYALA" foundation.  In 2010 Dmitriy together with his equally famous father Yuri Malikov visited the orphanage №1 in Almaty city. Dmitriy not only communicated with the children, but also sang for them songs of the past years and quite new. "Wards" of the "AYALA" foundation from the orphanage № 1 responded to the Russian stars with their small concert. There was no limit of joy of children and teachers of the orphanages.

People's Artist of Russia, the Soviet and Russian composer, pianist, singer, actor, producer and television host Dmitriy Malikov said about his participation in the Almaty master class: "Such meetings are important precisely because they are deposited in the memory of the child and give him the impetus to study and development. Perhaps because of the "Music lesson" someone from the children or listeners will fully devote himself to the profession and in the future will become a great musician and pride of their country. This gives us hope that we do not lose our great traditions of mastery and also bring up new stars of world classical scene".

In turn, Aya Zhakenovna KALIYEVA, director of the Almaty Musical College named after Chaikovsky said: "The example of the star of the Russian pop music should be a model for our young talented guys. The secret of success – is not only talent, labor and skill, but also an open kind, loving heart, willing to help beginning musicians. This phrase could be the motto of not only pop stars of Kazakhstan, but also all those who succeeded. And then Kazakhstan will become a prosperous country in terms of charity".

"Charity, in my opinion, is an indicator of a weighted maturity of the person. Personality – is a complex phenomenon. Everyone can achieve a new level of development and this phenomenon has no boundaries. I wish that our fellow citizens made charity the norm of their behavior", - summed up the opinion of the adherents the vice-president of the "AYALA" charity foundation Zhangeldy Sarsenov.

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