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03-07-2014 A new playground on the Esentai riverbank

Today in the park on the east bank of the Esentai river area for training new sport called WorkOut...

Today in the park on the east bank of the Esentai river area for training new sport called WorkOut was opened. These are physical exercises without special reference to time and place. Young athletes for their exercises using horizontal bars, parallel bars, wall bars, which remained from the Soviet era in the territory of the school playgrounds.  The good news is that the motto of the Street WorkOut movement “Healthy life without alcohol, nicotine, drugs and anabolic!” The emergence of a new modern area for practicing will be a powerful impetus to the development of healthy youth hobby.

The initiators of the site construction were the “Skiff company Ltd” company and the “AYALA” charity foundation which for 7 years are permanent partners. Thanks to their cooperation 23 sports playgrounds were built in boarding schools, sanatoriums, hospitals and orphanages in the Almaty, Astana, Semey, Shymkent, Atyrau, Temirtau, Ust-Kamenogorsk and Petropavlovsk cities. These sites have become a real decoration of the territory of these institutions, as well as a favorite place for games of children from the neighborhood.

One of the young athletes of MixTeam team, who came to the opening of the new site, said that they had previously take exercises in any more or less adapted sites. Access to some of these sites was often closed and now they have everything to improve themselves in the new sport. “Many thanks to those who paid attention to our problem”, - he said.

Alia TURDALINOVA, a director of the “Skiff company Ltd” company, said: “Modern technology and innovation lead to the fact that our youth conduct a sedentary lifestyle. That's why we decided to donate to Almaty city the playground for the WorkOut practicing. We hope that our site will benefit in the physical development of youth and education of health future generation of our country”.

The cost of this site was 2 185 200 tenge. The sponsor was the “Skiff company Ltd” company. Department of Physical Culture and Sports of Almaty city and administration of Bostandyk district provided assistance in the site building.

“Our foundation helps children's medical institutions - orphanages, hospitals, sanatoriums. Children undergoing treatment remain children and they need active games.  We were pleased with the initiative of the “Skiff company Ltd” company in building the modern and practical playground. Nurturing of a healthy lifestyle among young people is very important. This is contribution not only in the physical development of young people, but also in the development of the country in general. I want to heartily thank our sponsors. As an employee of a charitable organization I am pleased that we are increasingly not looking for sponsors but sponsors looking for us themselves”, - said vice-president of the “AYALA” charity foundation Zhangeldy SARSENOV.

The organizers of the playground construction timed the opening ceremony to the widely celebrated young holiday in our country - the Capital day. 

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