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20-12-2012 The opinion of the internet community on "People of the Year 2012" award is defined

The president of our foundation Aidan Suleimenova has become a leader of the vote...

The president of our foundation Aidan Suleimenova has become a leader of the vote of the http://vlast.kz/obsshestvo/vlast_podvodit_itogi_golosovanija_v_ramkah_premii_ljudi_goda-1091.html  visitors in the "Charity" nomination.  She scored 50% of votes. About the Award it is written on the web site: "The Award "People of the Year - 2012" is  a joint assessment of the Internet audience and expert community of the leaders of our country in various industries and sectors.  The nominees for the award are the key representatives of public, political, economic, financial and business elite.

Voting is conducted in two stages. In the first stage the online audience is voting: readers asked to vote for 4-8 candidates in each of the 12 nominations.  On the 20th of December the online vote will be completed, in each category remain 3 leader of the public opinion.  After that, the vote among the expert audience (about 100 experts - journalists, political scientists, economists, and public figures) is conducted. Results of the award will be announced on 25th of December. "

We hope that the expert council will support the opinion of Internet users, who have given half of the votes to the President of our charity foundation. We express our sincere appreciation to all visitors of the Award "People of the Year - 2012" page, who evaluated the work of Aidan Suleimenova and, therefore, the whole staff of the "AYALA" charity foundation.