Let us together do
good deeds!


28-11-2012 The celebration of Universal Children’s Day is completed

A puppet theater performance "Through the Looking Glass." was held in the Schoolchildren’s...

A puppet theater performance "Through the Looking Glass." was held in the Schoolchildren’s house № 3 for children with disabilities in Bostandyk district This event became possible thanks to employees of Bostandyk Akimat. Such holidays are rare for children with disabilities. Our foundation paid the cost of organization of the holiday and provided all guests with a food, for a holiday we brought 100 boxes with burger-menu. And we received such unusual thanks in form of a poem from social workers of Bostandyk district.



For all we thank the foundation,

for being in the room we are sitting,

for a hamburgers and fries,

for ketchup "Heinz" that is within,

for a pack of juice right in the time

because thirst tormented all of us.

For Uncle Berick thanks,

He behaved courteously with everybody,

He is entire generosity

Thank you for your leadership!

And Xenia - so simple fairy!

all children thrilled at her

when she carries gifts

and gives them from the heart!

gracegully she will go

and no one will be forgotten!

The team is moving after

and no team is that quickly.

Skill they do not hold,

so it is possible to become a magician,

flashing hands, disappear

and that gift is taken out

look at the wonders ,

you will only appreciate it!

Team works wonders!

It will take them only about half an hour.

From a social worker Gulmira Aktanova

640 290 KZT in total was spent on 8 celebrations. This money was spent on gifts, food, and transportation. But the children’s joy can not be measured in money. In the Year of Culture to which we have devoted most of our holidays, the children have learned a lot. The form of the holidays, we have invented this year, was a kind of revelation for us as well. We have never thought that the children’s holidays can be carried out at the museum, film studio and library. The “AYALA” charity foundation has been conducting the Universal Children’s Day for 3 years already. We are confident that other philanthropists will follow our example - from a major bank or a commercial structure to simply caring people, because good things can be done not only on New Year's Day or Universal Children’s Day, but any other time.

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