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03-11-2015 Taking care of our small pets

In the Almaty zoo an ultrasonography machine for animals has appeared for the first time.

In the Almaty zoo an ultrasonography machine for animals has appeared for the first time. The new equipment for employees was provided by the charity foundation “AYALA” and company Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia. This machine will help the zoo employees to conduct timely diagnostics of diseases and to monitor successfully the animals’ pregnancy. The first patient who experienced the procedure of ultrasound scan was a decorative goat. The health of this patient was normal. We should notice that the total number of animals in the Almaty zoo amounts to more than one thousand of animals except for fish. In relation to the provision of new equipment the administration made a decision to send a vet for training professional courses in Moscow. In addition, these days Almaty zoo turned 78 years. It is the oldest zoo of Kazakhstan. The fist visitors came to it on 8th of November in 1937.

“The ultrasonography machine is of great necessity to our animals. For instance, earlier we couldn’t diagnose the diseases connected with the presence of stones in the urinary bladder and kidneys. Moreover, this machine will help to identify pregnancy in the early stages. This is also very important as the food ration and living conditions of our pregnant pets often change”, - says Azamat Duisenov, a chief veterinary of the Almaty zoo.

“It is the first joint experience for the company Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia and charity foundation “AYALA” in providing help for animals. It is a significant project as the Almaty zoo is a unique scientific and entertaining object in Kazakhstan,” – told a manager of social projects of Samsung Electronics Bagzhan Berdybai. 

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