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15-10-2015 Speak up and show!

Today a charity foundation “AYALA” has shown a presentation of social projects...

Today a charity foundation “AYALA” has shown a presentation of social projects in the healthcare sphere for the staff of “Chevron” company. A vice president of public relations of the charity foundation “AYALA” Zhangeldy Sarsenov told about the work done by the foundation and our projects implemented together with the “Chevron” company. An English version of the presentation was demonstrated by a curator of republican projects – Kuanysh Chumbalov. Except for us, another three foundations also took part in the presentation. At the end of the presentation “Chevron” company representatives liked the presentation’s organization and market it with a sign of “heart” on the mount. According to our calculations, “AYALA” foundation gained 20 “red hearts” which demonstrates that our projects are near close to the hearts of the company representatives. 20 “hearts of blue colour” were drawn by those employees who wanted to become the foundation’s volunteers. And six “yellow hearts” demonstrated that our presentation impressed the company employees.

It should be added that this year “Chevron” company has already organized similar meetings. The previous presentations were organized for foundations which work in the spheres of culture and education.

We should note that our foundation has begun to cooperate with the “Chevron” company since 2010. At present day this oil producing company is the biggest sponsor of “AYALA” foundation. A needed support and help have been already provided to 28 children’s medical and educational institutions in Almaty, 12 similar institutions have received aid in Astana and 35 institutions were supported in Ereimentau city of Akmolinsk region. We also supported the social organisations of these cities: in particular, correctional boarding schools and nursery kindergartens, orphanages, rehabilitation centers, children’s homes, perinatal centers and maternity hospitals, sanatoriums and secondary schools. A big aid was provided to the people with disabilities from Ereimentau region. The opening of the pottery workshop in the public association of disabled people “Independent life DOS” is a very interesting project. Furthermore, “Chevron” company organized the “Courses of professional development of medical employees” for the maternity hospitals and perinatal center of Almaty. The company employees took an active part in the volunteer clean-up and children’s feast celebrations. It is worthy noticing a project “Letter to Santa Claus”. 69 first grade pupils from the boarding schools №1 and №10 of Almaty received gifts from “Chevron” employees. In general, the company assisted in the implementation of such projects as “Breathe new life”, “To special children – special approach”, “Play and develop” and many other projects of the “AYALA” foundation. We hope for our further productive cooperation!

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