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09-05-2012 Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten

"AYALA” foundation and «BeSmart» company congratulated 19 veterans of the Great Patriotic...

"AYALA” foundation and «BeSmart» company congratulated 19 veterans of the Great Patriotic War over fascism on 9th of May, 2012 on the 67th anniversary of Great Victory. «BeSmart» company within 10 days held a campaign in its network to raise funds. During these days, users of services of «BeSmart» transferred 225 768 KZT for veterans of Bostandyk district. Presents for veterans were decorated in a fruit basket and with a touching card. In addition to this our wards had received a little financial support - each veteran was handed 10 000 KZT for the 67th anniversary of the Victory.

Gifts awarding brought together not only the employees of "AYALA" foundation and «BeSmart», but also caring residents of Kazakhstan's Internet space, they were clients of «BeSmart» company.

"AYALA" foundation was very pleased with this fact that Internet users willing to respond to calls for participation in charity activities. It is particularly pleasant that the current generation of users of Internet services remembers and honors the heroism of our honored veterans.

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