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25-02-2011 Charity concert of “Turan” encemble

Today, a charity concert has been held at the orphanage №2. Orphans often become...

Today, a charity concert has been held at the orphanage №2. Orphans often become spectators at performances of pop stars. In autumn 2010 guests of this orphanage became popular Russian band “Yin Yan”. And today, folklore-ethnographic ensemble “Turan” has organized an unusual perfomance for children and teachers. This ensemble was initiated by the participants, students of Kazakh National Conservatory named after “Kurmangazy” in 2008. The main idea of the creation of the ensemble was the desire to recreate the sound of old, archaic instruments, to find new ways to play folk and ethnographic works and forms in the performance of our contemporaries.

Ensemble members are the winners of numerous competitions and festivals of folk music, the participants of prestigious concerts, both in our country and abroad: France, Israel, Turkey, Germany, South Korea and the United States.

Band members are Maksat Medeubek, Baurzhan Bekmuhanbetov, Korlan Kartenbaeva, Serik Nurmoldaev, Abzal Arykbaev who play instruments like sybyzgy, shankobyz, saz-syrnay, sherter, zhetіgen, shіnkіldek, dombra, kyl-kobyz and others, and Abzal Arykbaev has masterd the ancient art of traditional throat singing.

All the spectators have been pleasantly surprised not only with the vocal and instrumental skills, but also unusual costumes and recreation the atmosphere of the ancient folk music with elements of ultra-sound. “Turan” band has promised us to continue such performance in all the educational institutions to which our foundation helps. Charity foundation “AYALA” invites all youth music bands of Almaty to take part in charity events.