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04-06-2015 Charity events with participants of the «MUZ-TV Awards 2015. Gravity»

Today, on the four fields of the capital charity events like sports and music competitions among...

Today, on the four fields of the capital charity events like sports and music competitions among pupils from boarding schools, music competition among students of Kazakh National University of Arts and a flash mob with children from orphanages of Astana, Karaganda and Temirtau cities held.  Participants and judges were the stars who came to the big musical event – «MUZ-TV Awards 2015. Gravity» ceremony.

Flash mob for the children from SOS children's villages of Astana, Temirtau and family-type "Tansholpan" orphanage of Karaganda city was held in "Keruen" SEC. The “AYALA” charity foundation which was the organizer of events provided the arrival of children and accompanying to the capital of Kazakhstan. In the flash mob program children, divided into 4 teams learned the dance moves in different styles, in doing so, professional choreographers helped them. Each group received the appropriate costumes and props for their performance. All these things have become for the children another gift from the organizers of the event.

Sergey Prikazchikov, a member of popular Russian "Pizza" group arrived to the "Keruen" and performed with the children. After that there was an "autograph-photo-selfie" session of the children with the star. Sergey himself took a video selfie of the dance with the children and loaded it on his page in the social networks. And at the end of the flash mob a colorful ceremony of launching balloons held on the street. After a delicious lunch provided by the restaurant Assorti Keruen, children and their accompanying make a fascinating tour in Astana before leaving to the Karaganda region. All participants of the flash mob were awarded certificates of participation in charity events. The children were very happy, as they got an opportunity not only see the star and take a picture, but also to communicate. Sergey Prikazchikov – is a sincere man who charmed all the children and gave them a good mood.

"MUZ-TV Olympic Village" and "MUZ-TV Olympic Games" sports competitions were organized at the Republican specialized boarding school and Boxing Development Centre. Famous boxers Serik Sapiev, Berik Abdrakhmanov, Kairat Yeraliyev and famous Russian singer Julia Savicheva have become the guests of these events. They became members of the jury and the captains of sports relay races among children from different schools and sports sessions.

In the Republican specialized boarding school, the member of the "Pizza" group and well-known Kazakh boxers Berik Abdrakhmanov and Kairat Yeraliyev become judges of unusual relays - tug of war, sumo, steeplechase, nonstandard jumping with elements and other sports. Traditional "autograph-photo-selfie" session and ceremony of launching balloons with logos of the "AYALA" charity foundation and "MUZ TV" channel became the finale of both sporting events.

Creative competition was held in the Kazakh National University of Arts (KazNUA). Students received the task in advance - to prepare full musical numbers. Egor Creed arrived in KazNUA and became a member of the jury. Students have prepared 5 performances in which have been summed up the results in the following categories - best vocal, dance, artistry and special effects. Performance, in which all these qualities appeared together fully won the main prize - a diploma for the best performance. The teachers who helped children to prepare bright and incendiary musical performances were also awarded with commemorative diplomas. After summing up the results of the “Become a MUZ-TV star” contest all the participants sang the hymn of the MUZ-TV. We think that everybody has already guessed about the traditional "autograph-photo-selfie" session and ceremony of launching in the high sky of Astana colorful balloons in the end of the event.

The “AYALA” charity foundation on behalf of all the young participants of the events expressed sincere gratitude to the organizers of "MUZ-TV Awards 2015. Gravity", Russian pop stars, Kazakhstan Boxing Federation and personally the Olympic champion Serik Sapiev and also to "Keruen" SEC and Assorti Keruen restaurant for assistance, to masters of the event Gulnara Bisarinova and Baurzhan Nurumov. The total budget of all these events amounted to 1 449 501 tenge.

The ability to closely communicate with celebrities, get autographs and photos became for children from the orphanages, boarding schools and for students of the KazNUA unforgettable event. In total, creative and sporting events attended by more than 500 people. For participants of the charity actions from Astana the organizing committee has allocated 500 tickets for the "MUZ-TV Awards 2015. Gravity" ceremony, which will be held tomorrow at the "Astana Arena" stadium. 


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