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05-06-2014 Results of the international children

In recent years the"AYALA" charity foundation has developed a new concept for itself of holding...

In recent years the"AYALA" charity foundation has developed a new concept for itself of holding children's holidays. Foundation began organizing small but regular holidays for children from orphanages and boarding schools, children's sanatoriums, and patients of hospitals and clinics. Holdingof events dedicated to the international days and holidays such as Day of spontaneous acts of kindness, Universal Children's Day, International theatre day, World cartoons day, Night at the museum, World health day, Day of children's books and other dates became traditional for the “AYALA” foundation. The foundation called this “Let’s do good deeds” project.

During the celebration ofInternational Children's Day in the foundation, it was decided not to abandon the practice of small-scale events, but conduct a few children's parties and presentation of gifts.Children from different cities of Kazakhstan and Almaty regions were selected as the "target audience". Holidays for pupils from 5 to 8 grades of boarding school № 17 and patients of Children's Hospital № 1in Astana were organized. Colorful kite festival in Issyk town was organized for the children from orphanage № 2 in Almaty. Playgrounds were opened inorphanage № 2 of Almaty, on the territory of the boarding school № 4 in Semey for deaf children, boarding school № 2 in Temirtau for children with disabilities and in the national "Alatau" sanatorium. Gifts presented to the disabled children who receive treatment at the polyclinic № 8 Almaty and to the disabled children of Medeu region. A large number of equipment was received from the "AYALA" foundation for physical therapy cabinet of tuberculosis sanatorium for children and adolescents in the Kyzylorda city.  

Total during the celebration of International Children's Day 928 children received the attention of the foundation. Budgetof all the holidays was 13 620 528 tenge. These funds were obtained from commercial organizations as well as from just good people.

The “Let’s do good deeds” project of the “AYALA” charity foundation continuesand anyone who wants to do something good for children, but does not know how, can take part in it.