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04-06-2014 First kite festival for children from an orphanage

An exciting colorful kite festival organized by our foundation has passed on the territory...

An exciting colorful kite festival organized by our foundation has passed on the territory of the reserve museum of the Issyk. The first festival was attended by 40 inmates of the orphanage #2 in Almaty; ten of them have a prior training on making kites in children's library named after Begalin, employees of which at no cost spent a few lessons for the future "pilots".

Beginning in 2009, the "AYALA" charity foundation leads the “Let’s do good deeds (4D)” project. Under this project throughout the yearhost a variety of children's activities for children from orphanages and boarding schools.  The celebrating of the World children’s day, International Theatre Day, World Сartoons Day, and other holidays have become traditional. There are the Night in the museum, Lesson in the library, World health day, Day of the Sun, International Dance Day. These holidays are designed to show potential philanthropists that good deeds have a lot of reasons except the International Children's Day and New Year.

This year we decided to spend the kite festival. The festival program was very busy - museum, making kites with their subsequent start, holding competitions among participants in different categories, the awards ceremony and a dinner.

Sponsors of the kite festival were Horeca Import Company, which provided drinking water for the participants and guests of the festival, the "Issyk" restaurant treated all with tasty lunch and the young peopleof the Club of Friends of our foundation paid transportation costs. Partners of the kite festival for the orphans were library named after Begalin in Almaty city and the reserve museum of the Issyk town. The total budget of this event was 60 000 tenge.

"We were delighted when we were approached with a request to teach children the ancient art of making kites. Our employees have an experience of participation in such festivals. It would be desirable that such activities have become a good tradition"- said the director of the children's library named after Begalin Sofia RAEVA.

Vice-President of the "AYALA" foundation Zhangeldy SARSENOV said: "Employees of the foundation and children who participate in a variety of joyful activities organized by our foundation really like the "Let’s do good deeds" project.  These holidays are a powerful impetus of positive". 

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