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01-06-2013 Example of effective charity from the "Kamkor Management" company

The "Kamkor Management" company showed an example of another form of charity. 

The "Kamkor Management" company showed an example of another form of charity. On this day, for the inmates of the orphanage named after K. Sarymoldaev in Taraz city and boarding school named after A.S. Makarenko in Shu town, a very informative excursion in the locomotive depot of junction station was held. This kind of career guidance excursion was not only interesting but also very useful for children.

Our foundation is always striving to make its activity as efficient as possible, and we are very pleased to cooperate with people who understand this position. For children from orphanages and boarding schools, from our point of view, the most important is to increase the chances of a full social adaptation after graduation. Exactly career guidance in this matter is very important, and we thank the management and staff of the "Kamkor Management" company for the fact that they held very useful events. In addition to educational excursion to depot, the "Kamkor Management" company transferred to the head of the Health Department of Pavlodar region Nurlan Kaukenovich Kasimov in Taraz city professional wireless microphones, and provided help to children for a trip to the competitions in the Astana and Kostanay cities. In the boarding school of Shu appliances were acquired - large fridge-freezer and increased load washing machine, and to create a cozy atmosphere in the living areas, it were purchased 2 beautiful carpets.

The total cost of the "The heat of the hearth" project for educational institutions of the Taraz and Shu towns was 301,000 tenge. The “AYALA” charity foundation expresses deep appreciation to the management and employees of the "Kamkor Management" company for the support in our work. Recall that in 2012 the company's employees were actively involved in charitable BKS-races in favor of the "Breathe, baby" project, Petropavlovsk.

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