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27-05-2013 Day of Smile 2013

The Day of Smile is a holiday, dedicated to the end of the school year for pupils of all orphanages...

The Day of Smile is a holiday, dedicated to the end of the school year for pupils of all orphanages located in the Almaty city. This holiday came up, organized and carried out for 5 years the "AYALA" and "DARA" charity foundations.

At the end of the school year, children are always experiencing fatigue from a busy school year, and this holiday is designed to help relieve the tension. This year the Day of Smile celebrates its first anniversary - the 5th celebration. Pleased to note that the holiday has always supported Friends Club of the "AYALA" charity foundation, the administration of the amusement park "Almaty Fantasy World ", leading restaurants of the city, the artists of Kazakhstan stage and numerous sponsors of the traditional holiday.

On the 27th of May, 2013 the "AYALA" and "DARA" charity foundations conducted a holiday for more than 600 pupils of the city orphanages № 1, № 2, for a specialized “Zhanuya” complex, for a boarding school № 8 for orphans and regional orphanage № 1. In the days of celebration, children from the Ust-Kamenogorsk orphanage came to our city. These children visited the "Day of Smile" holiday for the first time. This holiday within five years of its existence became the next stage of education tradition and culture of philanthropy in our country.

The "AYALA" and "DARA" charity foundations in their activities traditionally adhere to the principle of effective philanthropy. We do not want to load orphans with food and clothing. Fortunately, our state fully provides these needs of children, left for various reasons without parental care. The “Day of Smile” holiday is a long-awaited event, as for children from orphanages, as well as for workers of social institutions.

The concert, which involves our pop stars, attractions and lunch for all participants of the holiday is a significant event for all. Workers of the orphanages are talking not once about the fact that the children are waiting for the holiday and for educators the Day of Smile is an extra day of rest, because after this holiday children sleep "like a log".

The holiday budget is 1.455 million tenge; the general sponsor of the holiday is the National Bank of Kazakhstan. This year, the holiday also had a support of Al-Saga, Food Master Ice Cream companies, a group of promoters “ENERGY NATION”, drinks and chips provided the RG Brands Company, and fruit and vitamin treats - the administration of the Green Market.

The concert for the guests of the holiday was attended by young Kazakhstan pop stars Medeo Arynbaev, an Orda group, HarmonicBliss, Marseille and staff of the NIKA Dance school. Permanent host of the festive show is Alexander Shumsky. A deputy mayor of Bostandik district Sayat Bolatovich Agybaev opened the fifth anniversary of the Day of Smile. A Deputy of a Board Chairman of JSC “National Bank of Kazakhstan” Stanislav Kosobokov congratulated children and teachers with the holiday.

As stated one of the organizers of the holiday - president of the "DARA" charity foundation Asel Izbasarova: "We are proud that this holiday has become one of the most important traditions of philanthropy in our city".

Zhangeldy Sarsenov, the vice-president of the "AYALA" charity foundation said: “The Day of Smile over the past five years quietly becomes a symbol of charity. Assistance to orphans has become a good tradition for all the organizers of the holiday. We are always glad when our events attended by members of the media and government agencies. In addition, we are always ready to accept any help of sponsors who want to take part in the holiday for orphans - the Day of Smile".

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