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16-02-2013 Accounting consert of NIKA Dance school and music-show theatre "Tansari"

A ceremony of the equipment transferring to the cabinet of physical therapy and a physiotherapy...

A ceremony of the equipment transferring to the cabinet of physical therapy and a physiotherapy department heldtoday in the city pediatric clinic #7. This is the third transferring to the medical institution of the necessary equipment and inventory. Those medical equipment that we have already passed to the clinic helped health workers make assistance to children more efficient.

Considering those equipment and inventory for physical therapy cabinet we can say that our fund in fact fully provided this cabinet. The employees are talking about it. Recall that in 2011-2012 the "AYALA" fund built in the cabinet "the Swedish wall", equipped the cabinet with necessary for trainings mirrors. We purchased for cabinet TV, stereo, transferred a modern exercise bike and running track, and a large number of special balls.

As you know, children are very restless and so receive various injuries, after which requiring rehabilitation through the physical therapy. In addition, school work for some children lead to disturbances of posture and spinal curvature. These problems can also be solved with the help of medical physical culture.

In addition to physical therapy cabinet, today, a large number of gifts received also the physiotherapy department of clinic #7. The “AYALA” fund gave to health workers, stationary and portable light therapy devices Bioptron, UV irradiators, electrophoresis apparatus, and apparatus for ultrasonic treatment of upper respiratory tract. The cost of the transferred equipment is 1,942,280 tenge.

The head doctor of clinic #7 Gulzhan Zaynulovna Kozhebekova said at the ceremony of the equipment transferring: “the “AYALA” fund third year helps our clinic. We would like to note that this help is very effective. Fund is always giving us what we exactly need. Today we received the equipment, which ended the equipping of physical therapy cabinet and modern physiotherapy equipment. All of this equipment will significantly improve the work of our clinic".

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