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21-01-2016 All professions are needed, all professions are important!

In future the pupils of Almaty regional orphanage #1 can become woodworkers, carpenters...

In future the pupils of Almaty regional orphanage #1 can become woodworkers, carpenters, hairdressers, make-up designers, sewers and manicure masters. On International Hug Day 3 fully-featured educational workshops were opened instantly: carpenter’s workshop, sewing workshop and hairdresser’s cabinet.   

The guests were met by children. They prepared poems and dances. Then there was a solemn cutting of red ribbon accompanied by ancient Kazakh custom “shashu”. After introductory part all those who wished could visit workshops. The children demonstrated their creative abilities in sewing with great pleasure, the boys did well in woodwork and in the hairdresser’s cabinet a long queue appeared. All those who wished could have a haircut or make-up. It should be noted that these workshops were equipped with hairdresser’s stands, sewing machines, hair sprays and dyers, electric tools, manicure table and sets and lots of other things. The cost of bought equipment amounted to 1 168 690 tenge. “Oriflame” company was a sponsor of this project.

The opening of workshops was held in the frameworks of the project “Skilled hands” of the charity foundation “AYALA”. The project has been implemented since 2013. For this period, thanks to the sponsor support our foundation equipped carpenter’s, woodworker’s and sewing workshops in more than 10 educational institutions in the cities of Almaty, Astana, Ereimentau, Kokshetau and Esik. The aim of the “skilled hands” project is to give opportunity to the pupils of orphanages and boarding schools to learn the profession’s ropes and obtain self-guided work skills.

In the nearest future the equipment for “cabinet of professions” within the project’s frameworks will be provided to the regional orphanage #1 as well as to the boarding school #10, orphanage #1 in Almaty and boarding school #1 in Kokshetau. The financial means to all these workshops were allocated by “Oriflame” company. The total cost was 3 529 191 tenge.

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