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14-10-2015 Learning to count with Numikon

The charitable foundation “AYALA” and the company “Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia...

The charitable foundation “AYALA” and the company “Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia” handed over unique educational materials and games, including sets "Numikon”, to four kindergartens in the city of Almaty in the amount of 1 897 000 tenge. The charitable activity took place in nursery garden №124. Such nurseries as nursery №66 for children with speech disorders, nursery №2 for children with intellectual disabilities nursery, №111 for children with impaired speech and nursery №124 for children with impaired vision and speech, can be noted among the receivers of this support. "Numikon” presents both methodology and a set of visual aids that were created with the view to making the studying process of arithmetic easier for little children.

The company “Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia” has taken the responsibility to act as a partner of this project. Apart from, we express our gratitude personally to Constantine Fedorets, the representative director of the largest retail network "ABC Communications" and Kim Yunsu, the President of the company “Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia”

We would remind you that the presentation of the two new flagships of the company “Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia” was held in April this year.  Our foundation was invited to this ceremony as the beneficiary of this charity auction where Constantine Fedorets purchased Kazakhstan's first mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S6 for the record amount of 950 000 tenge. The company “Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia” in its turn doubled Constantine’s bet. Thereby, collected asserts were allocated for the implementation of the project “We play and develop “, whose aim is to provide preschool institutions with developing inventory.

"In the framework of participation in this charity auction, I enjoyed the privilege of becoming the first owner of Samsung Galaxy S6, but I was inspired not with the new smart phone but with the possibility to support the foundation “AYALA”. This organization deals with a very useful matter. This noble goal to purchase developing equipment attracts me and when I was offered to take part in this auction, I immediately consented to the suggestion.,” commented director of "ABC Links" Constantine Fedorets.

As a global leader in the IT-industry, the company “Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia” takes the most active part in the strategic development of the country by attracting talents and innovations to the implementation of major projects which are useful for our society.

Guided by the principles of our corporate social responsibility in Kazakhstan, we gave a special consideration to the topical issues in the fields of education, culture and the last but not the least health of our young generation. What is more, we actively support charitable activity in partnership with the Foundation "AYALA" and with other charitable foundations and social action organization as well”, noted the manager of social projects of “Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia” company Bagzhan Berdybai.

"The cooperation with the company “Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia“ brings tangible benefits. The condition of learning environment for children correctional boarding schools, health centers and kindergartens has significantly improved.

In conjunction with the company “Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia”, the "AYALA" foundation helped the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, the fosterlings of the boarding school for children with visual impairments in the city of Issyk as well as the children's hospitals and maternity hospitals of Almaty. The Foundation "AYALA" sincerely thanks all employees of the company “Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia” for their participation in well-doing.” said the Vice President of Public Affairs of the charity fund "AYALA" Zhangeldy Sarsenov.

“Children with severe speech and vision come to our nursery garden, and after having been treated, they transfer to regular schools. We wish such children were helped and we would like to make them feel productive members of society.” stated the Head of correctional nursery garden №124 Aynur Karakulova.

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