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26-06-2015 Fashion-charity, the results

Today, the “AYALA” charity foundation and the Saks Fifth Avenue passed modern educational...

Today, the “AYALA” charity foundation and the Saks Fifth Avenue passed modern educational equipment in special (correctional) nursery kindergartens № 124, № 111 and № 24 for children with severe speech disorders in Almaty.               

This became possible due to the action, which was held on the 25th of April at the Saks Fifth Avenue in the framework of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Almaty. Kazakhstan representatives of the fashion industry Viktoriya Mominbaeva, Evgenia Tian, Lido, Meruert Ibrahim, Manshuk Kuanysheva, Karashash Dzhuzeeva, Evgeny Konovalov,  Zhanel Azamat,  Vaga Art, Roman Alexandrov and Saken Zhaksybaev acted as sales assistants, communicated with visitors and gave advice on style. In the program of this fashion event cooking class, lottery, instagram session held, but the most important for the “AYALA” foundation was that the event was dedicated to raising funds for the purchase of “Delfa” logopedic simulators in special (correctional) nursery kindergartens № 24 and № 111 for children with severe speech disorders, as well as in nursery kindergarten № 124 for children with visual impairments. For this purpose, during the charity action were collected 1 500 000 tenge.

“Delfa” logopedic simulator – is a computerized complex that helps correct speech disorders. And this process starts with the proper breathing. Speech therapists of boarding schools, in which the “AYALA” foundation has already passed similar complexes, are enthusiastic about the results of work with the “Delfa”. The cost of the three logopedic simulators accounted for 1 540 000 tenge.

Aigul Amirzhanova, General Director of the VILED Group: “With the “AYALA” charity foundation we have long-standing friendly relations. We see that the foundation’s projects bring visible useful results and we are confident that all the money that had been collected in the course of our joint actions has been directed at helping children. For us it is very important and we will be happy to continue cooperation with the foundation and help the children”.

Vice President of public affairs of the "AYALA" charity foundation Zhangeldy SARSENOV said: “For speech therapists “Delfa” is an effective and entertaining tool in the work. I have seen children, lining up to work on this simulator. Our foundation is very pleased that the new and old partners are coming up with unusual forms of raising money for charitable projects. It really helps our foundation to develop the spirit of charity and good deeds in Kazakhstan”. 

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