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18-06-2015 Flower festival brought its good fruits

The “AYALA” charity foundation with the Fine Design advertising agency and the Indesit...

The “AYALA” charity foundation with the Fine Design advertising agency and the Indesit company passed educational and developmental equipment for correctional nursery kindergarten № 111 for children with severe speech disorders in Almaty.

Summer – traditionally is not the most "hot" season for charity in respect of children's educational institutions. This is understandable, because the children from boarding schools, orphanages are on vacation. However, this does not apply to children of correctional nursery kindergartens. Children attend them year-round. Currently, about 80 preschoolers visited nursery kindergarten № 111.

The “AYALA” foundation is for a long time and successfully implementing the “For special children - special attention” project. Under this project to special (correctional) boarding schools render assistance. In these schools, children with a variety of vision, hearing, speech, intelligence, etc. disorders are studying. Children’s age is from 7 to 17 years old. Over time, the “AYALA” foundation has come to the conclusion that for successful correction it needs to engage with children in the preschool years. Thus the "Play and develop" project appeared to assist correctional kindergartens. For this project, equipment, developing games, educational materials for children with special needs transmitting. Most of this equipment is not produced in Kazakhstan and state correctional nursery kindergartens have limited opportunity to acquire special equipment.

Through participation of the Fine Design advertising agency and Indesit company in this project, the chances of children to receive a full education and subsequent successful socialization will significantly improve.

Funds for the purchase of desktop developing games for the correctional nursery kindergarten № 111 were collected during the «Almaty – Gul kala 2015» Flower festival on the platform of the Indesit company. Recall that during the draw of exclusive refrigerators of the Indesit company 202 500 tenge were collected. On that amount for the nursery kindergarten tactile and educational panels, counting materials and other educational games that promote the adjustment of speech of children were purchased.

"The Indesit company and the FineDesign advertising agency offered our foundation very interesting and unusual form of fundraising, that is collecting funds to help. It is pleasant that our partners are initiative and find new ways of charity. More than 200 000 tenge, collected by the Indesit company during the «Almaty – Gul kala 2015» Flower festival have been used to purchase the bright, intuitive, safe and very useful desktop developing games for children of the special correctional nursery kindergarten № 111, the partnership with which we started last year”, - noted the vice-president of public affairs of the "AYALA" charity foundation Zhangeldy SARSENOV.  

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