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25-04-2015 Fashion-charity

On the 25th of April with the support of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Almaty in Saks Fifth Avenue...

On the 25th of April with the support of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Almaty in Saks Fifth Avenue an interesting in the fashion world event occurred. Kazakhstan fashion industry makers Viktoriya Mominbaeva, Eugenia Tyan, Lido, Meruert Ibrahim, Manshuk Kuanysheva, Karashash Dzhuzeeva and Zhanel Azamat worked as sales consultants, and famous Kazakhstan fashion producer and stylist Saken Zhaksybaev consulted fashion clients.

Culinary master class, instagram session were in the program of the fashion event, but the most important for our foundation was that the event was dedicated to raise funds for the purchase of "Delfa" speech therapy simulators for special (correctional) nursery kindergartens № 111 and № 124 for children with severe speech disorders. For this purpose, during the charity event 1 500 000 tenge were collected.

Recall that our foundation for many years helps boarding schools. Since last year, the "AYALA" foundation also took under guardianship special kindergartens. In these institutions children who need special correction of vision, speech, hearing, and locomotor system are brought up. Most of these children can learn and in general education schools. Part of the children continues to receive secondary education in special (correctional) boarding schools.

The speech therapy simulator – is a computer system that is an effective tool for the correction of speech disorders. At the same time, the process of work with children is in a funny way. Our foundation has already passed such computer system in a boarding school for children with intellectual disabilities, and educators confirm its high efficiency.

It is pleasant to note that the fashion-industry workers are not left out of charity. It is hoped that the charity in Kazakhstan will never go out of fashion.


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