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23-04-2015 Play and develop

It is the title of a project to help special (correctional) nursery kindergartens. 

It is the title of a project to help special (correctional) nursery kindergartens. Under this project we transferred to the nursery kindergarten № 111 for children with speech impairments light table for sand painting, tactile-developing panels, children's pyramids and board games. This equipment will help psychologist and teachers in working with children. Children with a music teacher had prepared a little concert for us.

Sponsor of this part of the "Play and develop" project acted Gloria Inc. travel company - our old friend and partner. We thank personally the director of the Gloria Inc. company Vildana Bitanova and the active member of the Friends club of the "AYALA" foundation Diana Baymuhametova for their help in this project. The cost of the equipment donated to the nursery kindergarten № 111 was 205 100 tenge.

The employees warmly thanked us for the help, but, in turn, complained that the playground covered with sand, from which is a lot of dust and children during the games have to breathe this dust. This problem is due to the fact that during the repair all the playgrounds were filled with unwashed and not sifted sand. This problem can be solved, if at least cover the area with an artificial grass, as it did in a similar nursery kindergarten. We hope that this problem will not remain without attention of state authorities and the parents' committee of the special (correctional) nursery kindergarten № 111. 

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