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14-11-2014 Our foundation devoted two more holidays to the Universal Children’s Day

A celebration of the Universal Children’s Day took place in kindergarten #23  “Altyn becik”...

A celebration of the Universal Children’s Day took place in kindergarten #23  “Altyn becik” in Astana city.

This kindergarten is intended for visually impaired and blind children. Our representative in Astana Ksenia Filimonova organized children's morning performance with naughty and cheerful animators who held quizzes and competitions for children taking into account a condition of their sight. Besides, for development of tactile sensitivity we gave to kindergarten a special table for drawing by sand. This type of creativity became very popular and teachers are sure that occupations on this adaptation will become very useful to children with sight violations. The budget of this children's holiday is 12 000 tenge which was given by Aliya Sadyrbayeva, the editor-in-chief of the Deluxe magazine and the clubman of friends of “AYALA” foundation. The cost of table for drawing by sand  is 140 000 tenge.

One more children's holiday our foundation organized for pupils of the specialized “Zhanuya” complex of Almaty city. Cheerful sports meets children designated "The Olympic Games of” AYALA” foundation-2014". Pupils from different groups competed in dexterity, speed and coordination of movements in different relays, built the Olympic village of a big cardboard. In total about 100 children took part in the Olympic Games, it was a heartrending experience for organizers of a holiday who counted on 50 children athletes. All participants of "The Olympic Games of “AYALA” foundation-2014" received small, but very useful gifts from organizers. We also gave a large number of desktop sports to the “Zhanuya” complex. Our old partners twins brothers Askhat and Azat became leaders during the holiday. Saule Dzhakiyanovna and Bibigul Rustemovna Abulgaziny, clubmen of friends of our foundation became sponsors of this holiday. The budget is 140 000 tenge. On behalf of pupils of the “Zhanuya” complex we wish them good luck, wellbeing, health and prosperity.


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