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25-11-2014 «Chevron» and «AYALA» granted equipment to children’s institutions of Almaty

In the special (correctional) boarding school №9 for children with serious speech disorders there...

In the special (correctional) boarding school №9 for children with serious speech disorders there was a solemn ceremony of granting certificates on medical equipment and organizational equipment for household use such as sensory rooms, play and sports grounds, computers, interactive boards to medical and educational institutions. The ceremony was held within the frameworks of annual charity campaign of “Chevron” company. The ceremony participants visited the concert prepared by pupils and teachers of the boarding school №9.

It is already the sixth time when the charity foundation “AYALA” appears to be a partner of “Chevron” company in the implementation of its charity project. The help was provided to children’s institutions of Almaty city within the frameworks of the project of 2014. Thus a kindergarten №2 for children with intellectual development disorders received as a present a playground, an interactive board, a sensory room, a computer and other office equipment, music center and 10 water dispensers.

In the correctional kindergarten №13 for children with vision disorders the synoptophores were set to treat heterophtalmia and amblyopia, the apparatus to make a diagnosis of vision acuity was set, 4 computers and TV-sets were supplied. The correctional kindergarten №24 for children with serious speech disorders received tape-recorders and DVD players, an interactive board and computer, a big number of Kazakh and Russian musical instruments for children’s orchestra.   

In 2014 within the frameworks of the program an interactive board with a projector, computer and also a sensory room appeared in the correctional kindergarten №54 for children with serious speech disorders. Logopedic training device “Delfa” and projector with screen became a valuable and long-awaited gift for correctional kindergarten №66 for children with serious speech disorders. In the kindergarten №137 for children with hearing disorders a sports ground was built, computers and multifunctional devices along with the projector and screen were supplied, the medical cabinet was equipped.

The republican clinic sanatorium «Alatau» received sports equipment for therapeutic physical training room and a sensory room from «Chevron» company. On the territory of hemato-oncology department a bright and comfortable playground was also built. Three similar playgrounds were built on the territory of Republican children’s clinical hospital «Aksai», and two more playgrounds were built in the boarding schools №9 and №10. A TV-set was provided to the regional orphanage.

A valuable contribution was made into the educational process of Almaty medical college. Waxwork models for medical purpose were transferred to the college for lessons on rendering urgent medical aid and taking care of infants.

The total cost of the charity project implemented by «Chevron» company on providing help to the children’s medical, social and educational institutions of Almaty city amounted to 31,981,942 tenge. 

All projects of «Chevron» company are implemented in close cooperation with the central and local authorities, non-governmental and international organizations. Annual humanitarian charity campaigns of «Chevron» company allowed many children hospitals, boarding schools and other educational institutions for children to get a great quantity of all necessary means for the qualified work of equipment and facilities.

The campaign organizers – «Chevron» company and charity foundation «AYALA» thanked all participants of the event for their hard work. By experience of previous years it is possible to say confidently that all received equipment significantly increases the quality of life, treatment and education of pupils who live and study in the boarding schools, hospitals and kindergartens. 

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