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27-04-2014 Chevron team is working together

Our constant partner the CHEVRON Company has a good tradition. Each spring, all employees...

Our constant partner the CHEVRON Company has a good tradition. Each spring, all employees of the representation of the company held in Almaty a corporate work day on the territory of previously chosen children's health care or education institution. All employees, regardless of position in the ranking carried out landscaping - collect and remove rubbish, tidied fences, arbors, horizontal bars, parallel bars, benches and other equipment located on the territory. In addition, the gardening of the territory is carried out. Potential workers of the CHEVRON Company - volunteers from KazNTU named after Satpayev, better known as "Polytech", helped the employees of the company.

This year the object of the work day became a nursery kindergarten #137 for children with visual impairments. Firstly, on the territory of the kindergarten the modern playground made by KSIL Company was established. The cost of this children's playground is 1 884 750 tenge. In addition, the area was decorated with bright figurines of gnomes, cranes, and donkey with a cart. Abandoned pool that is not used for many years has become a colorful flowerbed. A full truckload of topsoil was brought for it. In addition to flowers, decorative bushes were planted on the territory. All preliminary preparation and landscaping at no charge were conducted by "Crown LTD" Llp. On behalf of all the children, teachers and parents want to thank the director of the company Valentin Leonidovich Yelsukov.

From the words of teachers of the nursery kindergarten, the territory of their establishment magically transformed. It became not only beautiful, but also very comfortable. Bright visual stimuli are very important for children with visual impairments, and it is the traditional contribution of the CHEVRON Company in our country's future. The CHEVRON has once again proved the social orientation of their business and most importantly, the company proves it constantly. 


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