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08-04-2014 Unique study materials passed to the kindergarten

Today a pleasant event was in correctional nursery kindergarten #13 for children with visual...

Today a pleasant event was in correctional nursery kindergarten #13 for children with visual impairments. Our foundation has given to this nursery kindergarten large number of didactic material, these special books to teach children reading and writing skills for Braille, which is designed for the blind. Teachers were especially pleased with the alphabet with relief pictures. Since Soviet times, in the kindergarten relief pictures were only with goats and ducks, so the new alphabet became very valuable addition to the tutorial. Unfortunately, in Kazakhstan does not produce materials for the blind and visually impaired children, so we bought all the materials in Russia. The cost of all transferred educational materials was 148 480 tenge. The sponsor of this project was a group of young people who have often helped our foundation.

Children from different groups - from the youngest to the preparatory showed musical performances - dances, songs, and others. After the concert we went in a medical office, in which a nurse is constantly working, and once a week an ophthalmologist who makes appointments comes. Children receiving treatment without leaving the walls of the kindergarten, what is greatly simplifies the task of parents. The nurse complained about the lack of modern equipment. If equipment breaks down, it cannot be repaired because it decades agorecord out of production and spare parts are not released any more. Currently, there are many new devices, computer programs for vision correction of children, but we need sponsors for the purchase of new equipment. The problem of vision impaired children will only increase, because every year medical care to preterm infants is improving, who often have a retinopathy, which can even lead to blindness. Therefore, we call to pay attention to this aspect all caring people. 

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