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20-03-2014 Nauryz holiday in correctional nursery kindergarten #54

Today the “AYALA” charity foundation celebrated Nauryz holiday together with pupils and teachers...

Today the “AYALA” charity foundation celebrated Nauryz holiday together with pupils and teachers of a correctional nursery kindergarten #54 for children with severe speech disorders. This holiday has become another link of a 4D project. Recall that it is anabbreviated of the "Let’s do good deeds" project which the "AYALA" charity foundation implementing for several years. Various holidays are organizing for boarding schools children under this project.  Every year we celebrate many holidays dedicated to the World Day of spontaneous acts of kindness, the International Theatre Day, and World Children's Day. We also arrange for children a World cartoons day, Night at the Museum, a lesson in the library and other themed low-budget holidays for small numbers of children from social institutions.

For children from the nursery kindergarten #54 the “AYALA” foundation prepared a performance of artists of the Almaty State Circus with clowns, acrobats and trained animals. As gifts the children received children's books, educational games and toys. Total to conduct the children's holiday the "AYALA" charity foundation sent 233 000 tenge.

The “AYALA” foundation tries to show to potential philanthropists new points of its good energy. We want that charitable help receive not only orphanages but also boarding schools and now the corrective kindergartens, because children with various disabilities, before get to the boarding school is receiving assistance in kindergartens.

The administration and teaching staff of nursery kindergarten were very surprised that their institution became the object of attention of a charitable organization and happy that such an event happened. Many children of the nursery kindergarten are from poor and single-parent families, and they have never been in the circus, so for them this holiday was particularly pleasing.

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