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17-04-2015 Walks on the street will become more interesting

Today in the specialized children's home № 1 a modest opening ceremony of a new...

Today in the specialized children's home № 1 a modest opening ceremony of a new children's playground took place. It consists of a house – arbor, sandbox, and swings. Part of the money for this phase of the "Yard of my childhood" project has been collected during the charity fair organized by a “Give the happiness to children” volunteer group. Recall that this fair was held in the shopping MEGA Park center in December 2014. During the fair it 462 952 tenge was raised.

The representative of the “Give the happiness to children” volunteer group said that this union of young mothers are not going to stop and will continue to take part in charity. Now the “Give the happiness to children” group is looking for a form of a charity event and chooses the project, on which is planned to direct the funds collected in the course of it. Our foundation has expressed huge gratitude to the volunteer group and handed them thanks on behalf of our wards. The “AYALA” charity foundation admires the "Give the happiness to children" group of young mothers. We list in alphabetical order all the participants of this volunteer association: Aygerim Begalykyzy, Aygerim Djabbarbergenova,  Aynur Makazhanova, Alia Mukataeva, Bakhit Ualieva, Dinara Yarulina, Zhanar Ashimova, Indira Kasimova, Camila Abdrakhmanova, Madina Tolegenova, Makpal Ispaeva, Medina Tleugazy, Meruert Dzhanbakieva, Nargis Musaeva and Svetlana Anisimova. 

The head physician of the children's home № 1 Zhazira EMBERDIEVA said: "For our children walks in the fresh air are very important and a new playground makes the walks more diverse and more useful.  All of our employees are very grateful to the "AYALA" foundation for the help that our children's home has received for several years. Sensory room, physiotherapy apparatus and equipment for physical therapy cabinet help us in our work with children. Now 32 pupils, 26 of them have a chance to have a family are in our children's home. Complicates is only that the majority of children available for adoption have different diseases".

Total for the "Yard of my childhood" project for the children's home №1 1 042 500 tenge were sent.  For 8 years of existence of the "Yard of my childhood" project, the "AYALA" charity foundation have built 39 play and sports grounds throughout the Kazakhstan. These playgrounds are installed in boarding schools, children's sanatoriums and hospitals, children's homes, rehabilitation centers and other children's social institutions. More than 80 million tenge are directed to the "Yard of my childhood" project.

The opening ceremony was attended by almost all the employees of the children's home. After the ribbon was cut, the traditional Kazakh "Shashu" rite held. At our event, we invited new partners - Avrora Production Complex LLP. This company is engaged in the production of disinfectants. The required amount of disinfectants was transferred to the children's home. Compliance with disinfectant regime is very important in medical institutions, especially in children’s. Especially because in the children's home children live, eat and receive medical treatment.

The form of charity, which is used the Avrora Production Complex LLP is gaining in popularity in recent years. Many companies as a charity use its products, and in the case of the Avrora Production Complex LLP it is especially important, because all products which were transferred today to the children's home № 1 made in Kazakhstan. 


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